Terms used in business such Delivered Duty Paid , Demand Management,Depository Receipt, Deposition etc


Terms used in business such Delivered Duty Paid , Demand Management,Depository Receipt, Deposition etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such Deleveraging,Delivered Duty Paid , Demand Management,Depository Receipt,Deposition,Deregulate,Developed Countries ,Didactic,Digital Transmission etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Delegation - An assignment of responsibility or task, usually by a manager to a subordinate. See delegation. Separately a delegation refers to a deputation, being a group of people appointed or responsible for representing a nation or corporation or other organization to attend talsk or negotiations, etc.


Deleveraging - An attempt by a company to reduce its debts, for example by selling off assets, laying off staff, etc.


Deliverables (also known as statement of work or statement of requirement).A statement of the goods or services required under a contract. Deliverables are usually detailed in the specification of the approach to market documentation and are linked to deadlines.


Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) - The seller has the obligation to pay for all transportation costs of shipping goods as well as duties.


Delivery note / Bon de livraison :A document that is sent together with the goods to a customer, and that details these goods ; the customer signs the delivery note to acknowledge his/her having received the goods.


Terms used in  business such Delivered Duty  Paid , Demand Management,Depository Receipt, Deposition etcDemand Management - A business process with the intention to coordinate and influence all sources of demand for a firm’s products.


Demerit Goods - Products or services such as as alcohol, gambling, drugs, prostitution, etc., which are considered unhealthy or undesirable, and are often subject to extra taxes in order to reduce consumption and potentially to fund remedial actions in response to consumption. See Sin Tax.


Democracy - Majority rule, by which the biggest proportion of members of a group determine decisions for the whole group. Democracy typically refers to a country's political system, in which government is elected through majority vote.


Demographic Profile - Used in marketing to describe a particular segment of the population, for example social class, age, gender, income, etc.


Demographic Segmentation - The process of identifying and dividing consumers into groups according to their race, age, gender, religion, etc.


Demonetize - To officially decide that a particular coin or banknote can no longer be used as currency.


Demurrage: Demurrage is a fine, which is charged, by the owner of the ship or by the railway company for delay in loading or unloading beyond the specified time.


Department for International Development (DFID) - UK Government Department responsible for promoting development and the reduction of poverty.


Department of Commerce (DOC) - US Government Department focused on advancing economic growth and jobs and opportunities for the American people.


Deposition - A sworn statement of evidence by a witness taken outside of the court proceedings before a trial.


Depository Receipt - A derivative security issued by a foreign borrower through a domestic trustee representing ownership in the deposit of foreign shares held by the trustee.


Depreciation - A way to spread the cost of an asset (like equipment) over the years of its useful life. It basically subtracts from the asset on the balance sheet and shows as an expense line on the Income Statement.


Depression - A prolonged and very deep economic recession, in a country or wider region. Definitions of an economic depression vary greatly, from two to ten years or more, characterized by extremely deep levels of negative indicators such as unemployment, credit and money supply, living standards, and reduced GDP, etc. Historians and economic commentators commonly disagree about the duration of depressions due to the confused methods of defining precisely what a depression is.


Deregulate - The reduction or removal of government regulations from an industry or business.


Derived Demand - Demand for a service or goods which is created by the demand for another service or goods, such as the demand for steel to make cars.


Desk Jockey - An informal term for someone who spends their working day sitting behind a desk, and who is concerned about administration.


Desk research / Recherche documentaire :A form of market research using existing information.


Desktop Publishing - Producing printed documents, magazines, books, etc., using a small computer and printer.


Desktop publishing: Commonly used term for computer-generated printed materials such as newsletters and brochures.


Despatch - dispatch / Expédier :The sending of goods to their destination.


Destination customs house / Bureau de destination :Customs office where goods are presented after a transit operation.


Devaluation: a reduction in the official fixed rate at which one currency exchanges for another under a fixed-rate regime, usually to correct a balance of payments deficit.


Devaluation: Devaluation- is the reduction of value of a currency in relation to other currencies or to gold. Consequently a unit of devalued currency buys less foreign currency.


Developed as a multipurpose nomenclature by the World Customs Organization (WCO), the HS is now used as the basis for:Customs tariffs ,Collection of international trade statistics ,Rules of origin ,Collection of internal taxes ,Trade negotiations (e.g., the WTO schedules of tariff concessions) ,Transport tariffs and statistics,Monitoring of controlled goods (e.g., wastes, narcotics, chemical weapons, etc.).


Developed Countries - The richer, more industrialized countries in the world.


Developing countries / PVD :This notion brings together countries with an average standard of living, which are not yet at par with the industrialised countries (for instance, India, Uruguay, Romania, etc.).


Developing Country - A country that is in the process of becoming industrialized. A developing country typically lacks industrialization, infrastructure, high literacy rate and advanced living standards.


Development capital: finance for the expansion of an established company.


Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) - The digits to be out pulsed for each toll free number terminating to a dedicated access facility. DNIS allows a customer to receive calls to multiple toll free numbers on the same dedicated access facility.


Didactic - Describes works of literature or art which are intended to be be informative or instructional, especially morally, rather than entertaining. From the ancient Greek word didaskein, which means to teach.

Dies Non: It is a non-business day.


Differentiated marketing: Selecting and developing a number of offer­ings to meet the needs of a number of specific market segments.


Digerati - People who consider themselves to be experts of the Internet and computer industry.


Digital Divide - The digital divide refers to the widening technological gap between the richer and the poorer countries of the world.


Digital Transmission - Information transmitted in the form of digitally encoded signals.


Digital Wallet - Computer software used to store a persons bank account details, name, address, etc., to enable them to make automatic payments when they are making purchases on the Internet.


DIN / DIN :The Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) is the German standards body.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Deleveraging, Delivered Duty Paid , Demand Management,Depository Receipt, Deposition, Deregulate, Developed Countries ,Didactic,Digital Transmission etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Debt/equity ratio,Decision Tree,Deed of Trust, Default,Deferred Rebate,Deficit Financing etc


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