Shipping space for Exports


Space for shipping cargo under Exports


Shipping space for ExportsAs soon as confirmed export contract is received from the importer, exporter has try make the necessary arrangements for shipping Space. The exporter has to make the necessary reservation, in case goods are to be sent by sea. The reason is there is shortage of shipping space and equally their frequency is also limited. Exporter has to gather information about the sailings for the port of destination, matching the delivery schedule. Necessary information can be gathered from Daily Shipping intelligence to which exporters may subscribe. Shipping agents work on behalf of the shipping. Companies who can be contacted too about the availability of the required space to match the schedule of delivery, at economic cost. Clearing and Forwarding agents are the specialized people in this line of activity who can be appointed. Exporter sends the cargo to the clearing and forwarding agents who take care of shipment of goods. In case, goods are to be sent by air, the problem is not that difficult as there are adequate airlines for booking the cargo.

There are two kinds of acceptance in case of shipment by sea, Shipping Advice and Shipping Order (Dead Freight). Shipping advice is only an intimation by the shipping company to the exporter that the goods would be accepted on the ship if there is availability of space on the ship. In this case, shipping company is not bound to accept and there is no commitment at the part of shipping company to provide space on board. Exporter would be running the risk if there is no space soon after the goods are sent for shipping and may not be able to send the goods as per delivery schedule. Where delivery schedule is not important, exporter can book on this basis which is not, normally, the case in exports. Shipping order, on the other hand, is a total commitment on the part of shipping company to provide the space on board and reserves the area for that exporter to whom commitment is made. If shipping company fails to provide the shipping space after issuing shipping order, shipping company can be sued for damages. As and when shipping order is issued to the exporter, shipping company sends a copy of shipping order to the commander of the ship for earmarking the space to the exporter.



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