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Description of the Export Product supplied _____________________ Bill of Materials* issued for manufacture of (No.of units of the export product).

*(Bill of materials should consist of raw materials and components going into the manufacture of export product supplied and the actual packing materials used).

No. Name of the material/ component Quality Technical characteristics Whether imported or indigenous Unit Gross qty. required Wastage Qty

Irrevo recover
Cable able

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Sale Price of waste per unit of Qty By Product/ co product Net wt of the material Remarks
Qty. Sale value per unit
10 11 12 13 14


Give convenient units by which goods are invoiced for export (e.g. per tonne, per dozen/Pcs., per Sq. meter etc).


1. The Units of quantity to be furnished in Col.6 should be given in such a manner that it could be related to Statements II and III respectively.

2. Maintenance stores/materials such as lubricating oil, greases, fuel etc. which are employed to run the machinery and plant should be excluded.

3. The data for packing materials should be for the same unit quantity for which data for export product for raw materials and components have been given.

4. Only those raw materials/components etc. to be indicated for which proof of payment of Customs/Central Excise duties is shown in DBK-II/III. Details of such inputs need not be given where no benefit of duty paid is claimed because of MODVAT or absence of proof of duty. Only a brief mention of such inputs being used would be sufficient.


1. On behalf of the applicant, I hereby certify that the materials as mentioned above are actually required and being used for production of export product.

Station _____________ Signature _________________
(Name & Designation of the Chief
Dated _____________ Executive/Production incharge
(with seal.)

II. It is certified that (To be given by an independent Chartered Engineer):

a) The consumption of various materials shown in DBK-I has been examined by us and these are actually required and being consumed in the factory of production for manufacture of export product supplied as checked by us on verification of the production process and relevant technical and related documents.

b) The imported materials above shown in DBK-I are being actually used in the manufacture of the export product supplied and are not being substituted by indigenous materials;

c) The wastage /co-product/by-product claimed are as per production process in the factory. There is no suppression of co-product/by-products. The wastages claimed in our views are reasonable and are comparable to the general norms for the industry. Where wastages are considered high, an indication of the normal wastage in the industry has been indicated by us, under 'Remarks' column.





Place___________ Branch of Engg.

Date____________ in which qualified:________________

Name & Address of the institution : _____________________________________
under which Chartered.Ref.No.and date _____________________________________
of membership. _____________________________________


The above information is a part of Import Export online Training

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