Product code for Aluminum alloys and not alloyed


Export goods code for Aluminum. Import goods code for Aluminum alloys. Merchandise code for Aluminum alloys.  Goods code is for 760110  for which merchandise?HS CODE  760120  stands for which product?

Product code 760110  against which commodity? Commodity code 760120  meant for which product?

Find Export Import product code (HTS code) of your goods
chapter 76 aluminum and articles thereof

7601  aluminum, unwrought

760110  Aluminum, not alloyed
760120  Aluminum alloys


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This post explains:

What is the HS code for Aluminum?What is HTS code  for Aluminum? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Aluminum. What is the Product code for import of Aluminum.How to get commodity code to export Aluminum.   


Dhrumil Patel: Hello sir , I like to know that , is HS codes of perticular product is different to every country. I want to import aluminium ingot to India so in my case I found hs code 76012010 . Is it true for aluminium ingot and same for all country. Waiting for valuable reply .

atal: I am Atal singal from NF Metals corpn , Faridabad , Harayan . We are manufacturer of Aluminium alloy Ingots and have a issue that our chinese buyer is not making balance 80% payment of 4 cargo at Already at final destination from last 14 days. He has very cleverly filed duty in Customs and other buyers are in fear if he creates a trouble for them to clear the cargo . Total vakue of goods is around 400000 usd out of which we have 80000 usd advance from buyer but today markets are down so buyer wants us to bear 20% loss . We are totally broken and need ur help !!

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