Product HS code for parts and access for motor vehicles

How to get commodity code to export Clutches and parts. Export goods code for Radiators. Goods code 870899  is for which merchandise?HS CODE  870894  stands for which product?Product code 870893  against which commodity?Commodity code 870892  meant for which product?

Know your product HS code
chapter 87 vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock

8708  parts and access for motor vehicles (head 8701-8705


870810  Bumpers and parts thereof
870821  Safety seat belts
870829  Other Parts and Accessories of Bodies for the Motor Vehicles
870831  Mounted brake linings
870839  Other Brakes and servo-brakes and parts thereof
870840  Gear boxes
870850  Drive axles with differential, whether or not provided with other transmission components
870860  Non-driving axles and parts thereof
870870  Road wheels and parts and accessories thereof
870880  Suspension shock absorbers
870891  Radiators
870892  Mufflers and exhaust pipes
870893  Clutches and parts thereof
870894  Steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes
870899  Other parts and accessories



How to import vehicle parts and accessories and other goods mentioned above

Procedures to export vehicle parts and accessories and other goods mentioned above



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What is the HS code for Bumpers?What is HTS code  for Safety seat belts? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Mounted brake linings. What is the Product code for import of Steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes.


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