Procedure for Pre shipment under Exports

Procedure for Pre-shipment under Exports

Those exporters, who are approved under Self-Certification and IPQO, have to submit their applications in a prescribed 'Intimation for inspection' form to the Export Inspection Agency. The Export Inspection Agency issues the Inspection Certificate on the basis of their performance reports as submitted by the EIA officials during the checks at all levels of production carried out by them. checks may also be carried out whenever required.

However, the units not approved under Self-certification or IPQC systems, required to undergo the following procedure:

(a) Application to EIA: The exporter has to apply in the prescribed ‘intimation for Inspection' form (in duplicate) to EIA at least 7 days before the expected date of shipment along with the following documents:

Copy of export contract;

Copy of letter of credit;

Details of packing specifications;

Commercial invoice giving evidence of FOB value of export consignment;

Crossed cheque/D.D. in favour of EIA towards inspection fees;

Declaration regarding importer's technical specifications.

(b) Deputation of Inspector: After getting the 'Intimation for Inspections, the EIA deputes an inspector to conduct the pre-shipment inspection at the exporters factory or warehouse. The exporter should keep goods ready for inspection on the day and time allotted for inspection.

(c) Inspection and Testing: The inspector conducts inspection randomly and prepares the report to be submitted to EIA. The exporter is required to arrange for facilities required for the inspection. Where such facilities are not available, inspection may be carried out at private independent laboratories.

(d) Packing and Sealing of Goods: if the inspector is satisfied with the quality of goods, he issues order for packing of goods in his presence. After packing, the consignment is marked and sealed with the official seal of the Export inspection agency (EIA).

(e) Submission of the Report to EIA and Issue of Inspection Certificate: The report prepared by the inspector is submitted to the Deputy Director of ElA. If the report is favorable, the Director of EIA issues an inspection certificate in triplicate.

The original copy is required to be submitted to the Customs.

The duplicate copy is dispatched to the importer.

The triplicate copy to be retained by the exporter for his record.

(f) Issue of Rejection Note: If the report submitted by the inspector is not favorable, the Deputy Director of EIA issues a rejection note.

(g) Appeal against Rejection Note: The exporter can file an appeal against the rejection note within 10 days from the dab of the receipt of such note. On receiving the appeal, the EIA convenes a mooting of the Appellate Panel. The panel reviews the inspection report and if necessary examines the consignment again, The decision of the Appellate panel is final and is binding On both parties, the exporter and the Export Inspection Agency.

Thus, marine insurance is used to cover transportation by any of the following modes of transit singly or jointly:

(a) Sea, Si Of land.

(b) Inland water voyages.

(c) Rail/road.

(d) Air

(e) Post.

It Provides insurance or protection to goods in 'transit' and also extends to storage of goods provided such storage is incidental to transportation.


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CHANDRA BHUSHAN: As per DGFT Notification No. 29/2015-2020 dated 4th November, 2019 , Is EIA issue authencity certificate of white basmati rice or other certificate of inspection ? please advise also provide sample of certificate of inspection as per above notification of rice shipment to EIA

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