Postal and courier services, GST service code number

GST Service Tariff Code Heading No. 9968

Postal and courier services


GST Service Code 99681

Postal and courier services


                GST code 996811  Postal services including post office counter services, mail box rental services.

                GST service number 996812  Courier services

                GST service code 996813  Local delivery services

                HSN GST  number 996819  Other Delivery Services n.e.c

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What is the Service tariff code for GST for  Postal and courier services

Mention GST accounting code for  Postal services including post office counter services, mail box rental services.

Explain GST number for   Courier services

What is the GST service code for  Local delivery services

GST service tariff for  Other Delivery Services n.e.c



priya: sir how to claim itc on post office purchase as there is no invoice no mention on slip .

Hemant kumar Dosi: let me inform us how we can take input on speed post services as we dont know the gstin no of indian post

rajanikant: Is GST applicable on Registered Posts sent through India Post. If not in which Sec of GST Act, it is mentioned

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