Physical Examination of Export Cargo


Physical Examination of Export Cargo



Physical Examination of Export Cargo(a) Export goods are transported into the shed, after completing port formalities.

(b) The exporter/agent presents the following documents to Dock Appraiser along with check List. (i) Packing List (ii) Invoice (iii)ARE-Forms (iv) Agmark Certificate, if applicable

(c) The shed Appraiser/Examiner conducts physical examination of goods as per the examination order. (d) If the examination is satisfactory, the shed Appraiser/Examiner records the report of physical examination on the shipping bill through the computer system.

(e) The Appraiser also signs and stamps the original & duplicate copies of SDF. He returns exporter copy and second copy of SDF to exporter or his agent.

(f) In case of any variation between the declaration in the Shipping Bill and physical documents/examination report, the Appraiser may mark Electronic Shipping Bill to the Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Exports). He may also forward physical documents to Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Exports) and instruct the exporter or his agent to meet the Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Exports) for settlement of dispute.

(g) Documents once entered and submitted are then reviewed by different officers of the Custom House at various stages of processing and final clearance is accorded on the computer system after all formalities are over for physical examination of goods at the Sheds. ICES keeps track of officers who have handled the documents at various stages of processing. The trail of processing cycle is available to superior officers at any time.

(h) In case, exporter agrees with the views of Department, the Shipping Bill is processed accordingly. Where, however, the exporter disputes the view of the Department, principles of natural justice are required to be followed, before finalization of the issue.


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