Obtaining Carting Order and Customs Physical Examination

Obtaining Carting Order and Customs Physical Examination

Obtaining Carting Order and Customs Physical ExaminationAfter physical examination order by the customs is given, it is desirable to obtain the carting order from the Port Trust Authorities. Then, the C&F agent obtains the carting order from the superintendent of Port Trust Authorities to move the cargo into the port premises. The cargo is physically moved into the port.

The dock appraiser physically examines the goods. After verification and prima facie satisfied, the dock appraiser seals the packages, prepares physical inspection report and passes the cargo for shipment by issuing the formal order "Let Export Order" on the back of the duplicate shipping bill. Then cargo is kept in the appropriate shed allotted till they are shipped on board.

Instead of examining in the port, a facility is available for checking the goods and sealing the packages at the factory or warehouse of the exporter. This is more convenient to the exporter and any shortcoming can be corrected, with more ease at the factory or warehouse. For this, an application has to be submitted by the exporter to the Assistant Collector of Customs.


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