Customs Examination of Cargo at Docks

Customs Examination of Cargo at Docks

Customs Examination of Cargo at DocksThe customs examiner physically examines the goods. Physical examination of goods can be arranged at the warehouse/factory premises of the exporter by making a suitable application to the Assistant Collector of Customs. He seals the packages in his presence. The main purpose of examination of goods at the docks is whether the goods packed and kept ready for shipment are the same as mentioned in the Shipping Bill. After all the formalities are over and the Customs Officer is satisfied that the export does not contravene the provisions of any law and all duties and other dues have been paid, a "Let Export Order" will be, made on the back of the shipping bill to permit the export. Where the customs clearance is computerized, clearance is processed through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System.


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