MAI Scheme means


Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme,2018


Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme to play catalytic role to promote India’s exports and addressing interventions required by India for exploring new markets and promoting export oriented activities for commodities and services.

To give monetary help to qualified organizations for undertaking different market get to activities outlined in the Scheme including any direct or indirect exercises for marketing, market research, limit building, marking and statutory compliances in import markets. The Scheme visualizes to cover the extent of both the recent Market Access Initiative Scheme and Marketing Development Assistance Scheme.


MAI Scheme is available to the accompanying Organizations or Agencies 

Departments of Central Government and Organization of Central/ State Governments including Indian Missions abroad

Export Promotion Councils 

Registered Trade Promotion Organizations 

Commodity Boards under the Department of Commerce 

Apex Trade Bodies recognized under Foreign Trade Policy of Government of India

Recognized Industrial & Artisan Clusters 

Individual Exporters (only where specifically indicated) 

National Level Institutions (e.g. Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs), Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), National Institute of Designs (NIDs), NIFT etc.) Research Institutions/ Universities/Recognized laboratories, etc. 


Market Access Initiatives (MAI) Scheme depends on Market, Product or Services approach and the qualified organizations should present a thorough undertaking for market access based on logical investigation for picking up market access under the different arrangements of the plan. 

To boost the advantages of investment in universal fairs and displays, such endeavors ought to be connected with powerful attention battle, classes, purchasers venders meets and so forth. 

Project proposition comprising of qualified exercises under the plan would be submitted to Department of Commerce by the Eligible Agencies according to strategy advised every once in a while.


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