Why should think about FOB Terms of delivery?

Features of FOB


FOB means Freight On Board or Free On Board. If terms of delivery of a transaction is on FOB means, the cost of movement of goods on board of ship is borne by the seller. Rest of all expenses to arrive the goods at buyer's premise has to be met by the buyer.


 *In FOB, the importer has more control over their shipment. The importer has to look after the transportation. So importer has the benefit of hiring their own forwarder at an agreed freight rate, among other charges. 

*Suppliers are in charge of clearing merchandise through customs at export, including export clearance documents at the port or terminal under FOB, which could spare a buyer considerable hassle and further difficulties. This could likewise save cash and time for the purchaser.

* FOB is a decent answer for bulk transporting merchandise from a supplier, as you have full cost control and the provider is in charge of clearing the products and export duties.

* By utilizing an autonomous professional freight forwarding or specialist logistics company who is free from the vendor, the buyer likely save expenses and guarantee goods are securely transported to the end destination.


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