What is FCA terms of delivery?

FCA - Free Carrier (Place at Origin)


“Free Carrier” implies that the seller delivers the goods cleared for export to the carrier or someone else nominated by the buyer at the seller’s premises or another named place.

Regarding terms of delivery FCA, the export cleared goods are delivered by the seller to the carrier at the named and defined location specified in the contract. So the commitment to deliver goods satisfies by the seller up to the location where FCA contracts. From the mentioned point of location, purchaser needs to take responsibility. In a FCA terms of delivery, normally seller’s help is required by the purchaser to deliver products at contracted place, which can be a terminal or transport hub, forwarder’s distribution center etc at purchaser's expense and risks. If the location to convey goods has not been said in the contract, the seller can arrange to deliver the goods to the location where purchaser's transporter is accessible by mutually accepting. In a FCA terms of delivery, the delivery of goods additionally can be at the seller’s premises, if mutually agreed amongst purchaser and dealer. Where the named place is the seller’s premises, then the seller is responsible for stacking the goods onto the truck etc. This is how FCA difference from Ex Works EXW

This term can be used for Air and Sea transport only.


Obligation and expenses of seller:-

All responsibilities and charges should incur by seller include Warehouse Services, Export packing, assistance in obtaining any exports licence or other official authorisation, Loading at point of Origin, Origin Inland Freight, Origin Port Charges, Export Customs clearance, Origin Forwarder Fees,

The risk passes from the seller to the buyer at the named place of delivery point.


Obligation and expenses of Buyer:-

All responsibilities and charges must incurs by Buyer includes Ocean/Air Freight, Destination Port Charges, Import Customs clearance , Import Duties and Taxes, Delivery cartage to Final Destination.




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