Import Customs processes in Poland

Customs clearance procedure for importation to Poland


What is the customs process in Poland to import?  How is import cargo released from Poland Customs to importer?  Who are the parties involved in import customs clearance formalities in Poland?  Import cargo clearance in Poland Customs.


The information provided here details on how to import goods to Poland especially import customs clearance procedures in Poland.


The Operators are required to fill out an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the customs of the country of entry, prior to the goods are brought into the customs territory of the Union, using the electronic procedure (Union Customs Code - UCC). The Union Customs Code (UCC) is part of the modernisation of customs and serves as the new framework regulation on the rules and procedures for customs throughout the EU.    

Poland customs department under the National Revenue Administration which is further administered by Ministry of Finance is the agency who is in charge of gathering customs duties, execution of all the decrees issued by the country’s ministries and government institutions which concerned, controls illegal trade and is facilitator of genuine trade. Polish customs is the government agency that looks after customs processes and related matters in the country. They work for the growth of Poland, safeguards the society and economy against illegitimate goods.

The importer can likewise declare the goods by presenting a finished Single Administrative Document (SAD form) to Poland Customs. The official model for written declarations to customs is the Single Administrative Document (SAD). The SAD delineates products and their movement around the world and is fundamental for trade outside the EU, or of non-EU merchandise. Merchandise brought into the EU customs area is, from the time of their entrance, subject to customs supervision until customs formalities are finished. Items are secured by a Summary Declaration which is documented once the things have been shown to customs authorities.


Import customs clearance methodology to deliver imported goods to importer is same in almost all ports worldwide.  Detailed information about import customs process is explained separately in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Import Customs Process in importing country


The information provided here details on how to import goods to Poland especially import customs clearance procedures in Poland.



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