Hike in rate of duty for cigarettes, Indian Budget 2017-18


Indian Budget 2017-18, Price increases for cigarettes


Hike in rate of duty for cigarettes, Indian Budget 2017-18As per Indian Union Budget 2017-1, hike in excise duty on cigars, cheroots, pan masala, cigarettes and other related tobacco products.

Excise on various lengths of cigarettes has been increased to 6% from 2.5%

For paan masala, excise has been increased to 9% from 6%

For unmanufactured tobacco, excise has been increased to 8.3% from 4.2%

For other tobacco products like chewing tobacco, jarda-scented tobacco and gutkha, Excise will be doubled i.e., from 6% to 12%.

Excise duty on cigars and cheroots have been increased from 12.5 per cent or Rs 3,755 to 12.5 per cent or Rs 4006 per thousand, whichever is higher, earlier.





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