Concealed damage

Concealed damage claims

Concealed damage means getting damage to the contents of a package that is not apparent until the package is opened ie, damage affecting the contents of a sealed shipping container that might have been happened during transit.

Concealed Damage is one of the severe section of cargo transportation and demanding for compensation is most difficult and baffling one since it is so hard to demonstrate who was accountable for the damages ie, whether the shipper or carrier. The cumbersome task in concealed damage claims is a subject of confirmation. The challenge for the claimant is in establishing the truth that carrier is in fact responsible for damages.

If find out any damage with the cargo, should report about concealed damage to the carrier or freight forwarder immediately or as soon as possible. They will negotiate with the freight carrier on behalf of you and get claims if the case is genuine and have evidence. So inspect the cargo well before signing POD or do needful if there any problem finds.

Third party insurance is also a smart idea and an important weapon in fighting against concealed damage.

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