Bill of Entry for Home Consumption


Update 01st April, 2017:

Reduced free period for filing BE and paying Import Duty

Amendment of Sec 46 and Sec 47 of Indian Customs Act

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[Custom Stn: New Custom House,Mumbai] Page #1

Port Code: Importer Name:
Prior Entry Stamp: Address:
B/E No./Date Code NO:
CHA Address:
CHA Code:
Vessel Name:
IGM No/Date

Line no:

Country of origin & code
Cntry of consignment(if
Different) & code

B/L No & Date:
No Of Pkgs & Desp:
Marks & Nos
Inv. No & Date
Invoice Value
SVB Ref No.
SVB Load(Ass)
SVB Load(Duty)
HSS Load Rate
Misc. Charges / Handling Charges
Loading Charges / Agent commission
Discount Rate
Currency Code:
Exchange Rate:
Port of Loading
Cons. Country
House B/L No
Gross Weight
Gateway IGM No/Dt.
Port of Reporting
Supplier Details
Green Channel
Section 48

First Check

Sl No
Unit Price
RSP /Unit
Cus. Duty Rate
BCD Amt(Rs)
Assessable Value
Amt of Abatment
Exc. Duty Rate
CVD Amt(Rs)
Educational CESS on CVD:
Sec & High Ed.CESS(CVD):
customs Educational CESS:

Cus Sec & High Edu. CESS:

Additional Duty (Imports):

Antidumping Duty

NCD Duty

Safeguard Duty


Scd 2 Spl Exc Duty

Health CVD


Page Total
BE Gross Total
Assessed by

Duty Payable (in Words):
Container Details:--
Licence Details
Regn No/Date Lic Item Sr. no. Lic No/ Date Debit Val/ Qty Debit Duty Inv/Item

Debit P.D Account Stamp For Collection / Free No. And Date


1. I/We certify that the above entries are correct.

2. I/We further declare that whereever the RSP is applicable same has been truthfully declared.



Page II

( To be signed by an Importer)


*With C.H.A.
1. I/We declare that the contents of invoice(s) No.(s) dated . of M/s and of other documents relating to the goods covered by the said invoice(s) and presented herewith are true and correct in every respect.

*Or Without C.H.A.

1. I/We declare that the contents of this Bill of entry for goods imported against Bill of Lading No. . Dated .. are in accordance with the invoice No. . Dated .. and other documents presented herewith. I/We also declare that the contents of the above mentioned invoice(s) and documents are true and correct in every respect.

2. I/We declare that I/We have not received and do not know of any other documents or information showing a different price, value, (including local payments whether as commission or otherwise) quantity or description of the said goods and that if at any time hereafter, I/We discover any information showing a different state of facts, I/We will immediately make the same known to the Commissioner of Customs.

3. I/We declare that goods covered by the Bill of entry have been imported on an out-right purchase/consignment account.

4. I/We am/are not connected with the suppliers/manufacturers as:
( a ) Agent / Distributors / Indentor / Branch / Subsidiary/Concessionarire and
( b ) Collaborator entitled to the use of trade mark, patent or design:
( c ) Otherwise than as ordinary importers or buyers.

5. I/We declare that the method of invoicing has not changed since the date on which my/our books of accounts and /or agreement with the suppliers were examined previously by Customs House.

N.B. Strike out whichever is inapplicable

Signature of Importer
Examination Order

Examination Report


The above information is a part of Export Import Training course online

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