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Esanchit, Frequently asked questions


Q 1) Who is a submitter in e-SANCHIT for electronic document upload?


The importer, exporter, or Customs broker can be the submitter in e-SANCHIT for electronic document upload.


Q 2) How can the user access into e-SANCHIT?


The user can access e-SANCHIT application via ICEGATE website only and so the person should be registered ICEGATE user.


Q 3) How should prepare the supporting documents to upload into e-SANCHIT?



The Supporting Documents should prepare in digital format ie, in PDF/A format (ISO 19005-2) for uploading into e-SANCHIT.

 In case the document issuer does not use automated systems/computers or for some other reason, it is not possible to generate PDF copies at source, and the submitter receives the documents in hardcopy or as a facsimile, the submitter may scan the document into a PDF format.


Q 4) What is the admissible resolution of the document to scan into a PDF format for upload into e-SANCHIT?


The resolution should not be less than 200 dpi (dots per inch) in black and white.


Q 5) What about the permissible size of scanned documents or PDF formats that can be uploaded into e-SANCHIT? What if the size exceeds?



In the circular, it is given that ideally, one document (e.g. and invoice or a packing list) shall be rendered into one PDF file regardless of the number of pages in the document. Given that the maximum permissible file-size is 1 MB, this would allow the submitter to upload a supporting document which is up to 13 pages long. If a supporting document is more than 1MB in volume, then it should be split and uploaded as two or more documents.


Q 6) What if the documents to scan for making PDF formats do have any marks like stapler mark or punch-hole mark presents?



 As per the guidelines, No stapler marks or punch-hole marks on the document should be visible. If stapler marks or punch-hole marks are unavoidable, the submitter shall ensure that these marks are on the margins and are at a clear distance away from the content in the document.


Q 7) What other things should be remembered and maintained while scan the document into a PDF for uploading?


(i) While scanning the document, it must be ensured that the document was not placed in the scanner with a fold. For scanners with a roller feed, it should be ensured that there are no folds in the image as result of the action of the rollers.

(ii) The content in the document should not be skewed in any direction. 

(iii) There should be no dark patches either in the source document or in the image.

(iv) The letters should not be elongated or compressed (as it happens during facsimile transmission).

(v) If a document is stapled or bound in some way, before scanning, the individual pages should be being taken apart and then fed into the scanner sequentially in pages. 


Q 8) How to upload documents into e-SANCHIT, step by step?



i- Login into ICEGATE website using login credentials.

ii- Access the e-SANCHIT application by clicking on e-SANCHIT link provided in menu options.

iii- Upload document by clicking on Upload Documents button. 

  •  Only PDF format is accepted in e-SANCHIT application having size lesser than 1 MB and max 13 pages.
  • Upload maximum 5 documents at a time.
  • For business requirement, all documents to be uploaded must have different name from each other and should be meaningful so that they can recognize and handle the file more effectively.

iv- Validate the document for digital signature.

  • On ICEGATE website, a utility is provided in which user can attached DSC to their document.
  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. e-forms are required to be signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate.

v- Submit the document by clicking proper document type from document type drop down and click on the submit button.

Now, the uploader can see DRN & IRN number against uploaded documents which will use in your customs noting software (Currently only IRN number is mandatory)

An email/ message are triggered immediately on the registered email once the document is submitted in e-SANCHIT application.


Q 9) Why should the submitter digitally sign the PDF document using digital signature certificate (DSC)?



By digitally sign the PDF document using the digital signature certificate (DSC) registered on ICEGATE, the submitter could acknowledge that the document is legible and authentic.


Q 10) Is it possible to use the same DSC for signing documents for uploading on e-SANCHIT, that used to be signing BE and SB documents?


It is possible that the same DSC that is used for signing BE and SB documents can also be used for signing the document for e-SANCHIT.


Q 11) What are the documents that should be submitted online via e-SANCHIT?



The list of mandatory documents for export/ import of goods from/ into India have already been notified by DGFT notification No. 08/2015-20202 dated June 4, 2015, i.e.,

Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill

Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice cum Packing List would also be accepted

Bill of Entry.

Other than above, supporting documents to be uploaded will depend on the commodity imported, notification claimed and Participating Government Agency (PGA) requirement. The Compulsory Compliance Requirements provide information on the Supporting documents required for different items in the Bill of Entry, which may be viewed online.


Q 12) Is it possible to upload documents having same name?



 No, all documents to be uploaded must have different name as per business requirement. Uploader should provide meaningful file names to documents so that they can recognize and handle the file more effectively.


Q 13) What should do if it required deleting the documents once uploaded?



There is delete option or link available for each document at the same page once the document is uploaded. However, once document is submitted and an IRN/ DRN are generated, it cannot be removed from the systems. Trade must ensure that its reference is not used in any Bill of Entry/ Shipping Bill.


Q 14): How to search a document that already uploaded?



In e-SANCHIT, the search functionality is provided in right side, the user can search any document uploaded by using the IRN, DRN, Supporting document types and between a date range.


Q 15: What is IRN & DRN?



 DRN stands for Document reference number, which is the unique reference to a batch of uploaded documents. Five IRN numbers can have one DRN. IRN stands for Image reference number, which is unique to each document. A group of IRN should be entered into the Bill of Entry, not DRN.


nilesh: need gr waive code

RKA: Which IRN should be used for AD Code registration if multiple documents are uploaded in e-sanchit and multiple IRNs are created against the respective documents?

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