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E-Treasury is one of the modes of receipt of taxes to government.

Payment process under GST:

With increasing spread of internet and electronic communication, this mode has emerged as one of the preferred modes of tax payment for both the taxpayers and administrators. As the name suggests, this mode of payment involves payments by the taxpayers that utilize the electronic network, right from the generation of the challan by the taxpayer to the ultimate reconciliation of the data by the Accounting authorities. Before understanding the process involved in e-payments, it is important to list the stakeholders involved in this mode of payment. The following stakeholders will pay a key role in establishing an effective e-payment network in the proposed GST scenario:

         i.            GSTN (Goods and Service Tax Network).

       ii.            E- FPBs (Electronic Focal Point Branches) of authorized banks

     iii.            E-Kuber of RBI

     iv.            Central Accounts Section (CAS) of RBI, Nagpur

       v.            E-PAOs (Electronic Pay and account Offices) / e-Treasuries of State Governments

     vi.            PR. CCA, CBEC (Principal Chief Controller of Accounts) / Accountant General of the States.

   vii.            Tax authorities of Centre and States.

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