Terms used in trade such as Gross income,Gross National Product,Gross Profit, Guarantee,Guerilla marketing,Gulf Cooperation Council etc


Terms used in business such as Gross income,Gross National Product,Gross Profit, Guarantee,Guerilla marketing,Gulf Cooperation Council etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Gross income,Gross National Product,Gross Profit,Guarantee,Guerilla marketing,Gulf Cooperation Council,Halo Effect,Hands-Free,Hard Selling etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Gross income - the total money earned by a business before expenses are deducted.


Gross margin / Marge brute :An operation's real profitability defined by sales achieved, not including taxes, minus the total amount of expenses not including taxes.


Gross Margin - Basically, it tells you what percentage of your sales is going to the direct costs of making or buying the product. Take the Gross Profit and divide it by Net Sales. Every industry has different expectations for this number. In service businesses it can be over 90% and in distributorships and car dealers it can be below 15%.


Gross National Income (GNI) - Previously known as Gross National Product, Gross National Income comprises the total value of goods and services produced within a country (i.e. its Gross Domestic Product), together with its income received from other countries (notably interest and dividends), less similar payments made to other countries. For example, if a British-owned company operating in another country sends some of their incomes (profits) back to UK, UK’s GNI is enhanced. Similarly, a British production unit of a US company sending profit to the US will affect the British GNI but will not reduce it since it is not included in the first place.


Terms used in  business such as Gross income,Gross National Product,Gross Profit, Guarantee,Guerilla marketing,Gross National Product (GNP) - Total value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a particular year, plus income earned by its citizens who are working abroad, minus income of non-residents located in that country. It is essentially the measurement of the value of all goods and services produced by a country's citizens regardless of their location. Its difference with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is that GDP measures the total production within a country regardless of the citizenship of the producer.


Gross Profit - Take the net sales and subtract the cost of goods sold. It tells you what you have left over (after making or buying the product) to spend on marketing and the CEO and the office and the accountants, etc.


Gross Profit Margin - Expressed as a percentage, what is left from a company's sales after cost of goods sold is paid out. Gross profit margin is obtained by dividing gross income by net sales.


Growth capital: funding that allows a company to accelerate its growth. For new startup companies, growth capital is the second stage of funding after seed money.


Growth rate: the rate of an economy's growth as measured by its technical progress, the growth of its labor, and the increase in its capital stock. .


GRS :Grade, Race and Sex data collected from each school at the end of the first school month.


GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) / SPG (Système des préférences généralisées) :The GSP constitutes the tariff-related preferences for some developing countries. These tariffs translate into exemptions or reductions in customs duties.


Guarantee: A pledge by a third party to repay a loan in the event that the borrower defaults.


Guaranteed proportion / Quotité garantie :Percentage up to which the OND covers a risk. The guaranteed share is applied to the indemnifiable losses to calculate the indemnity.


Guaranteed Stock:It is a stock on which interest is guaranteed either by the government or any authority other than the issuing authority.


GUARANTEED/INSURED LOANS:Programs in which the federal government makes an arrangement to indemnify a lender against part or all of any defaults by those responsible for repayment of loans. An example is a small business loan guaranteed by the SBA.


Guarantor- a person who promises to pay a loan in the event the borrower cannot meet the repayments. The guarantor is legally responsible for the debt.


Guerilla marketing: A marketing technique, the aim of which is to damage the market share of competitors.


Guilt-Edged Securities:These are the stocks on which interest is absolutely safe. From the point of view of investment these will never be unsecured.


Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - A council created in 1981 and composed of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. It is a forum to coordinate and integrate economic policies between these six countries, which account for about 40% of oil in the international market.


Guru - An influential teacher or an expert in a particular subject who shares their knowledge, often by writing books.


Hacker - Nowadays the word hacker commmonly refers to a person who breaks into or 'hacks' into the secure computer systems of an organization, especially websites and online systems, using online connection, often just as a technical challenge, or potentially with intent to steal, destroy, vandalise information, websites, etc. Originally however the terms hack and hacker referred to a person who enjoyed exploring and experimenting - perfectly legitimately and legally - with computer code and related computing systems, out of curiosity or for purposes of technical challenge and improvement, discovery, etc. This is an example of how language and meanings evolve over time, particularly when a term becomes distorted for dramatic effect by mass media. Be aware in this case therefore, that some people - especially original 'old-school' hackers and computer code enthusiasts could be offended and unjustly maligned by the criminal implication of the common illicit hacking interpretation. Incidentally among coding enthusiasts the original technical term for a criminal 'hacker' was a 'cracker'. (Thanks to Vit Kavan, an 'old-school' hacker, for help in for clarifying this entry.)


HAD (custom agent's fee) / "Honoraires d'agréé en douane" .:It represents the fee paid to the custom agent for its clearing activities.


Haggle - Negotiate with someone over the price of something until an agreeably mutual price is reached.


Haircut - a percentage subtraction from the market value of an asset, typically on a large scale, enforced by a powerful institution or authority in response to debt/liabilities incurred by the asset owners/investors, producing an effective devaluation of the asset. The 'haircut' term became a more general description for a tax or levy imposed on ordinary savings accounts with reference to the EU-imposed tax on Cyprus bank deposits in 2013, although the underpinning principle/cause was consistent with the technical meaning of the term.


Half Duplex Operation ("Broadcast") - An arrangement for data transmission where transmission is allowed in one direction at one time.


Hall Test - A term used when a group of people are gathered together at a particular location and asked to take part in market research.


Halo Effect - Where the image or reputation of a person (or group or organization or brand or other entity) is enhanced by influence from or association with the quality of another situation. A halo effect typically refers to an unreliable indicator of good quality (ethics, goodness, honesty, value, benevolence, etc) but might rarely instead refer to an unreliable indicator of negative quality.


Handbill - A small printed advertisement, usually on one sheet, often given out to people by hand.


Hands-Free - Term used when a telephone can be used without having to be held in the hand.


Hands-Off - A term often applied to managers who do not directly participate when dealing with a situation in the workplace by letting the people involved decide what they want to do.


Hard sell: a heavily persuasive and highly pressured approach used to sell a product or service.


Hard Selling - An aggressive type of selling which puts a lot of pressure on a prospective customer to buy a product or a service.


Hardware:There are two main parts of a computer. Hardware in one of them. Computer hardware is the electronic part of the computer. In either words it may be said that it i$ machinery, which is made up of electronic devices and circuits. This machinery stores and manipulates symbols (data) under the direction of computer software. Because hardware operates electronically, so it executes programs very quickly as well as accurately.


The above details describes about terms called in business such Gross income,Gross National Product,Gross Profit,Guarantee,Guerilla marketing,Gulf Cooperation Council,Halo Effect,Hands-Free,Hard Selling etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Goodwill, Googlewhack, Graduation ,Gravy Train,Gray market,Green Paper,Greenfield etc

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