Terms used in trade such as Feasibility Study,Federal funds,Federation , Filibuster,Figurehead ,Finance,Financial Risk etc



Terms used in business such as Feasibility Study,Federal funds,Federation , Filibuster,Figurehead ,Finance,Financial Risk etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Feasibility Study,Federal funds,Federation ,Filibuster,Figurehead ,Finance,Financial Risk,Financial Service Income,Financial statement etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business



FCR / FCR :A Forwarder's Certificate Receipt is a document issued by a forwarding agent, which testifies that the goods have been taken over from the seller and thereby advising that the exporter has placed the goods at the disposal of the buyer.


Feasibility Study - A preliminary assessment of a new project, including costs, risks, etc., to determine whether the project will be successful and practical.


Feasibility study: an investigation into a proposed plan or project to determine whether and how it can be successfully and profitably carried out.


Feather-Bedding - A term often used in industry describing the practice of hiring more workers than is necessary to carry out a job, often because of a contract with a union.


Federal funds: an deposits held in reserve by the Federal Reserve System.


Terms used in  business such as Feasibility Study,Federal funds,Federation , Filibuster,Figurehead ,Finance,Financial Risk etcFederal Trade Commission (FTC) - A U.S. agency, which ensures that consumers are protected in the marketplace against unfair methods of competitions.


Federation - An organisation which has been formed by the joining together of a group of companies, clubs, etc.


Feedback: the communication of responses and reactions to proposals and changes or to the findings of performance appraisals with the aim of enabling improvements to be made.


Feeder / Feeder :Ship that brings freight from medium sized ports to ports served by large capacity ships.


FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment):  Items of value that are part of a business but are considered personal property  (Also called, furniture, fittings, and equipment)


Fiat Currency/Fiat Money - A very bold term for monetary currency which is established and traded as a national currency, such as US Dollar, Sterling, Euro, etc. From Latin 'fiat', 'it shall be'.


Fidelity Bond - Also known as Fidelity Insurance. Protects an employer against any losses incurred because of dishonesty, or damage caused, by an employee.


Fiduciary - Describes an organisation or individual who manages money or property for a beneficiary.


Fiduciary:  A position of trust (e.g. broker to principal)


FIDUCIARY:A person or company entrusted with assets owned by another party (beneficiary), and responsible for investing the assets until they are turned over to the beneficiary.


FIFO: FIRST IN FIRST OUT, a method of inventory control where the stock of a given product first placed in store is used before more recently produced or acquired goods or materials.


Figurehead - In business, organizations, politics, etc., a person who holds an important position or office but lacks real power or authority; a 'front man'. Derived from the carved painted figurehead models which traditionally were fixed to the front of sailing ships.


File plan / Plan fichiers :Selecting files that you will use for your mailing in terms of your defined target.


Filibuster - To delay or obstruct legislation by giving long speeches in a parliamentary debating process, so as to 'talk out a bill', i.e., ensure that the debate is prolonged beyond the deadline for passing a bill which would otherwise have been approved. The noun filibuster refers to a person who does this, or to the act of filibustering, which is commonly done by more than one person acting together. There are occasional cases of lone filibusters standing and talking for several hours without a break. Filibustering may be used for purposes that have lots of popular support, or virtually no popular support. The term entered US politics from American-Spanish but ultimately is from Dutch vrijbuiter, pirate.


Filing for trademark / Dépôt de marque :Request to a national patent and trademarks office (in France: INPI) to register a name, image, logo, etc. serving as a brand-name. Registry makes the person filing the legitimate owner by specificying the model of the trademark and listing the products and services to which it is applied.


Fill or kill - Also FOK, on the stock exchange, an instruction received by a broker from a client to buy or sell specified shares immediately or not at all.


Filofax - A personal organiser (and the name of the company which makes it), which was very popular in the 1980s, with pages which can be easily removed or added. This product was associated with 'Yuppies'.


Final proof / BAT (Bon à tirer) :Printed version of a document that the client examines and signs to indicate approval for the definitive printing run.


Finance - money used to fund a business or high value purchase.


Finance - To provide or obtain funds for a business, commercial project, an individual, etc. The management of money. To sell or provide goods on credit.


Finance: the money needed by an individual or company to pay for something, for example, a project or stocks.


Financial Contagion - The spread of a financial crisis from one country or region to other countries or regions.


Financial Engineering - The practice of solving financial problems or creating financial opportunities in a company, by changing the way money is borrowed, debts paid, etc.


Financial Equity - The ownership of interest in a company, usually in the form of shares.


Financial Innovation - The process of designing new financial products, such as exotic currency options and swaps.


Financial Market - The market for the exchange of credit and capital in an economy. It consists of the money market and the capital market.


Financial Price Risk - The risk of unexpected changes in a financial price, including currency (foreign exchange) risk, interest rate risk, and commodity price risk.


Financial Risk - Financial risk refers to unexpected events in a country’s financial, economic, or business life.


Financial Service Income - In the U.S. tax code, income derived from financial services such as banking, insurance, leasing, financial service management fees, and swap income.


Financial statement / Bilan financier :Takes into account all key financial data (expenses committed, sales realized, etc.), making it possible to determine gross margin and profitability of an operation.


Financial statement - a summary of a business' financial position for a given period. Financial statements can include a profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow statement.


Financial statements: Documents that show your financial situation.


Financial year - a twelve month period typically from 1 July to 30 June.


Finite CapacityScheduling - A process in which a computer program organises tasks, matching the resources available to the most efficient way of production


Firepower - The amount of power, money and/or influence that is available to a business or organisation.


Firewall - A system in a computer which prevents unwanted or unauthorised access, but allows the authorised user to receive information.


Firm Offer:It is a kind of proposal, which is sure to held firm and performed by the offer provider on the terms and conditions suggested by him. The offer may be given by an intending buyer or a seller of goods. The offer provider must fulfill his obligation, he cannot refuse it.


Firmware - Describes the fixed programs, which cannot be lost or changed, in electronic devices such as digital cameras, calculators, remote controls, etc.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Feasibility Study,Federal funds,Federation ,Filibuster,Figurehead ,Finance,Financial Risk,Financial Service Income,Financial statement etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Facility,Facsimile machine ,Factor,Fallen Angel,False Bottom,Fairy Dust etc

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