Terms used in central excise such as Public Private Partnership,Planning Area,Policy Committee,Peak Direction



Terms used in central excise such as Public Private Partnership,Planning Area,Policy Committee,Peak Direction etc.


This post explains about terms used in central excise such as National Transit Database,National Transit Database Profile,Notice to Proceed,Operations and Maintenance,Office of the Administrator ,Operating Expense,Office of Budget and

Policy , Public Private Partnership,Planning Area,Policy Committee,Peak Direction etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in central excise


NRHP - National Register of Historic Places - The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's official list of buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts worthy of preservation because of their significance in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture.


NTD - National Transit Database - The Federal Transit Administration's (FTA's) primary national database for statistics on the transit industry.


NTD Profile - National Transit Database Profile - Tabular and graphic data that enable the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to examine grantee's performance over a number of years utilizing the National Transit Database (NTD)


NTIA - National Telecommunications and Information Administration - Concentrates telecommunication policies pertaining to the United States' economic and technological advancement and to regulation of the telecommunications industry.


Terms used in central excise such as Public Private Partnership,Planning Area,Policy Committee,Peak Direction etcNTP - Notice to Proceed - Formal notice given to the contractor to proceed with the contract work.


NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board - An independent Federal agency charged by Congress with investigating every civil aviation accident in the United States and significant accidents in the other modes of transportation -- railroad, highway, marine and pipeline -- and issuing safety recommendations aimed at preventing future accidents.


O&M - Operations and Maintenance - The day to day operational and upkeep activities for a project.


O3 - Ozone - Ozone is a gas that occurs both in the Earth's upper atmosphere and at ground level. Ozone can be "good" or "bad" for your health and the environment, depending on its location in the atmosphere.


OA - Office of Administration - Plans, develops, coordinates, implements and administers a comprehensive program of activities directed at satisfying Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) administrative requirements.


OA - Office of the Administrator - The administrator directs and controls all activities of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and maintains appropriate liaison and coordination with other elements of the department and other Government agencies.


OCC - Office of Chief Counsel - Provides legal advice and support to the Administrator and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) management and coordinates with and supports the General Council to the department on (FTA) legal matters.


OCR - Office of Civil Rights - Ensures full and affirmative implementation of the civil rights and equal opportunity precepts within the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and assures compliance by recipients of FTA sponsored Federal assistance.


OCRA - Office of Community and Rural Affairs - The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) works with local, state, and national partners to provide resources and technical assistance to aid rural communities in shaping their visions for economic development.


OE - Operating Expense - The total of all operating cost incurred during the reporting period.


OGM - Office of Grants and Management - Administers a national program of planning, capital, and operating assistance by managing the financial and technical resources and by directing program implementation through the Area Office.


OKI - Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments - The designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Cincinnati urbanized area.


OPA - Office of Public Affairs - Distributes information about Federal Transit Administration (FTA) programs and policies to the public, the transit industry and other interested parties through a variety of media. The office also coordinates requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


OPB - Office of Budget and Policy - Implements and manages the policy development process within the Federal Transit Administration (FTA); coordinates the development, review and presentation of program plans and budget implementation; reviews project grants for consistency with program plans, budget, and overall policy.


OSC - Office of the State Chemist and Seed Commissioner - The Indiana State Chemist is charged with administering several agricultural laws, involving seeds, fertilizer, animal feeds and pesticides. The goal of these laws are to ensure truth-in labeling, food safety, user safety and protection of our environment.


OTA - Office of Technical Assistance and Safety - Facilitates improvements in the provision of mass transportation service and facilities, equipment, techniques, methods, management and planning; provides technical assistance and training with respect to making such improvements to public and private mass transportation providers and planning agencies.


OTC - Over the Counter Medication - Medication that can be obtained legally without a prescription.


OWP - Overall Work Program - The processor for the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).


P2 - Pollution Prevention - Pollution prevention (P2) is reducing or eliminating waste at the source by modifying production processes, promoting the use of non-toxic or less toxic substances, implementing conservation techniques, and reusing materials rather than putting them into the waste stream.


P3 - Public Private Partnership - A partnership between the public (government) to build and/or maintain a service or facility.


PA - Planning Area - The area directly addressed by a general plan.


PA - Public Agency - States, municipalities, and other political subdivisions of states; public agencies and instrumentality of one or more municipalities or other political subdivisions of states; and public corporations, boards, and commissions established under State Law.


PAS - Principal Arterial System - Highways are classified under the "Principal Arterial System" if they are used for a substantial amount of interstate travel, serve virtually all urban areas of 50,000 or more persons and a majority of the urban areas of 25,000 persons, and are part of an integrated network without stub connections.


PAT - Passenger Assistance Training - Training in the proper methods and procedures of aiding disabled persons using public transportation.


PC - Policy Committee - The Policy Committee is the decision making board of the BMCMPO and is comprised of 14 officials representing different governmental entities within the urbanized area.


PCP - Phencyclidine - Was developed in the 1950s as an intravenous anesthetic. Its use in humans was discontinued in 1965, because patients often became agitated, delusional, and irrational while recovering from its anesthetic effects. PCP is illegally manufactured in laboratories and is sold on the street by such names as angel dust, ozone, wack, and rocket fuel. Killer joints and crystal supergrass are names that refer to PCP combined with marijuana. The variety of street names for PCP reflects its bizarre and volatile effects.


PD - Peak Direction - The direction of higher demand during a peak commuting period.


PDO - Property Damage Only - Accidents that only involve property damage.


PDR - Purchase of Development Rights - Tool that protects land from development by paying land owners not to develop on their land.


The above details describes about terms called in central excise such as National Transit Database,National Transit Database Profile,Notice to Proceed,Operations and Maintenance,Office of the Administrator ,Operating Expense,Office of Budget and

Policy , Public Private Partnership,Planning Area,Policy Committee,Peak Direction etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in central excise such as Modified Van,Notice of Intent ,National Park Service,National Research Council

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