Terms used in business such as Schism,Scope creep,Scorched-Earth Policy,Scrip,SD Card ,Sealed Bid etc


The terms used in business such as Schism,Scope creep,Scorched-Earth Policy,Scrip,SD Card ,Sealed Bid etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Small Business Centers, SBA loan,Scalability,Schism,Scope creep,Scorched-Earth Policy,Scrip,SD Card ,Sealed Bid etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


SBA loan:  A loan that qualifies for a guarantee from the U.S. Small Business Administration


SBC (Small Business Centers):These 12 GSA centers located throughout the United States can help you tap the multi-billion-dollar GSA "market" for goods and services. Contact a center nearest you.


SBDC:Small Business Development Centers are are located throughout the United States and are administered by the SBA. They provide management assistance to entrepreneurs and new business owners.


SBE :State Board of Education. The State Board of Education is charged with supervising and administering “the free public school system and the education funds provided for its support.” The Board consists of the Lieutenant Governor, the Treasurer, and 11 members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the General Assembly in Joint Session.


The terms used in  business such as Schism,Scope creep,Scorched-Earth Policy,Scrip,SD Card ,Sealed Bid  etcSBIC (Small Business Investment Corporation):SBICs are licensed by the SBA as federally funded private venture capital firms. Money is available to small businesses under a variety of agreements.


SBS :School Business Services, a division of FBS.


Scab - A derogatory term for an employee who refuses to join a trade union, or who continues to work during a strike at their workplace. Also describes someone who accepts work or replaces a union worker during a strike.


Scalability - The ability of a computer network, software, etc., to expand and adapt to increased demands of users. A system which can work on a small or large scale according to demand.


Scam - a deliberate and targeted deception designed to obtain money or information unlawfully. See our Small business scams section.


Scarcity Value - A situation where the more scarce an item is, the more its worth.


Scenario Analysis - A process of asking “What if?” using scenarios that capture key elements of possible future realities.


Schadenfreude - German word derived from Schaden (damage, harm) and Freude (joy). Malicious pleasure derived from the misfortune and suffering of others. Typically felt by individuals with low self-esteem.


Schedule B: In the United States, numbers used to classify exported products are called “Schedule B” numbers. The US Bureau of Census is responsible for publishing the Schedule B codes. Schedule B commodity codes are 10-digit numeric codes used to identify products that are exported to other countries from the US and it is based on the international Harmonized System. Transactions are classified under approximately 8,000 different products leaving the United States. Every item that is exported is assigned a unique 10-digit identification code.


Schedule Bank:The bank whose name is included in the schedule of the Central Bank of a country is called a schedule bank.


Scheme Of Arrangement - In the UK, a legal agreement between a company and its shareholders and/or creditors in which the company will pay what debts it can as an alternative to bankruptcy.


Schengen (agreement and convention) / Schengen (accord et convention) :The Schengen Agreement refers to the agreement signed on 14th June 1985 at Schengen between Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, aiming at progressively removing border controls at their common borders and allowing free movement of all persons who are nationals of the signatory States, from other States of the Community or from third countries. The Schengen Convention was signed on 19th June 1990 by these five countries. It defines the conditions for application and the guarantees for implementation of free circulation. It requires the modification of domestic laws and is subject to parliamentary ratification. Italy (1990), Spain (1991), Portugal (1991), Greece (1992), Austria (1995), Sweden, Finland and Denmark (1996) have joined the list of signatories. Iceland and Norway are also parties to this convention.


Schism - A split or division in a group into opposing factions, caused by differences of opinion.


School Month :20 school days.


School Year :July 1st through June 30th .


Scientific Advertisement:A scientific advertisement is one that involves a scientific method of analysis, classification, assembling, conclusion, testing of the conclusion, and finally application of the tested conclusion in the field of advertisement.


Scope creep (also known as requirement creep):Uncontrolled changes in a project's scope. This can occur when the scope of a project is not clearly defined, documented or controlled.


Scorched-Earth Policy - A situation in which a company tries to prevent a hostile take-over by selling off its most valuable assets, thereby making the company unattractive to a potential buyer. Derives from a military strategy of 'leaving nothing for the enemy' by burning crops, buildings, etc.


SCORE:The Service Corps of Retired Executives is a volunteer management assistance program of the SBA. SCORE volunteers provide one-on-one counseling and workshops and seminars for small businesses. There are hundreds of SCORE offices throughout the United States.


Scoring / Scoring :Giving a score to each client or prospective client from a database in order to more efficiently target and prospect clients. This score can be determined by external data or data calculated from behaviour.


Screen-Based Activity - A task which is carried out using a computer.


Screening Interview - A brief, first interview, sometimes over the phone, with a company looking for potential job applicants. This process weeds out unsuitable applicants, and successful ones go on to the next stage of interviews.


Screensaver - A moving image on a computer screen which appears when there has been no screen activity for a specific time. Screensaver programs were originally used to prevent damage to the screen.


Scrip - A certificate which entitles someone to a parcel of shares. An issue of additional shares given to existing shareholders instead of dividends.


Scrip:Scrip is a provisional certificate for shares or debentures. This certificate is provisionally, issued by a joint stock company before the preparation of the share certificate. The scrip certificate is to be exchanged with the share certificate.


SD Card - Secure Digital Card. A small memory card used in portable devices such as mobile phones, cameras, etc.


SDR / DTS :Special Drawing Rights were introduced by the IMF to serve as an international monetary reserve. SDRs can be used in transactions between the IMF and national governments. The unit value of an SDR is determined on the basis of a basket of currencies (USD, JPYen, €, GBP). SDR is the unit of payment of compensations in international carriage.


Seal / Sceller :To close something in such a way that it can only be torn or broken open.


Sealed Bid - A bid to buy an item, or a cost estimate for a contract, which is kept secret in a sealed envelope until all the bids have been received and are opened together.


SEAQ - Stock Exchange Automated Quotation system. In the UK, a system used on the London Stock Exchange which continuously updates share prices and shows the information on computer screens around the world.


Search Engine - Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., are examples of Search Engines which locate, list and rank (according to various crietria and unknown algorithms) relevant websites and website content on the Internet when the user types in key words or phrases.


seasonal business: trade that is affected by seasonal factors, for example, trade in goods such as suntan products or Christmas tress.The above details describes about terms called in business such Small Business Centers, SBA loan,Scalability,Schism,Scope creep,Scorched-Earth Policy,Scrip,SD Card ,Sealed Bid etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Sales Conference,Sales Tax,Sales Mix, Sabbatical, Salvage etc.

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