Terms used in business such as Blockade ,Blue-Sky Law,Bodhisattva ,Bogor Goals,Boilerplate etc.


Terms used in business such as Blockade ,Blue-Sky Law,Bodhisattva ,Bogor Goals,Boilerplate etc.




This post explains about terms used in business such as Black Economy,Black Knight,Blanket Rate,Blind Test,Blockade ,Blue-Sky Law,Bodhisattva ,Bogor Goals,Boilerplate etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Bits Per Second (bps) - The number of bits transmitted in a one second interval.


Black Economy - Money earned in private cash transactions, which is untraceable, and therefore untaxable.


Black Knight - A company which makes a hostile takeover bid for another company that does not want to be bought.


Terms used in  business such as Blockade ,Blue-Sky Law,Bodhisattva ,Bogor Goals,Boilerplate etcBlack market: an illegal market, usually for goods that are in short supply. Black market trading breaks government regulations or legislation and is particularly prevalent during times of shortage, such as rationing, or in industries that are very highly regulated, such as pharmaceuticals or armaments.


Black Swan/Black Swan Theory - A 'black swan' refers to a random unpredictable and highly influential event (upon economics, society, politics, life, etc) whose potential/significance is generally only appreciated after it has happened, and even then is commonly rationalized (by commentators and leaders, etc) to have been predictable and part of a predictable pattern of some sort, which actually is not so, or it would have been. The tendency for many people to be in denial as to the true nature of black swan event unpredictability and impact is an important part of the black swan theory itself. Examples of 'black swans' are events such as the September 11 attacks on the US by al-Qaeda; the 1986 Chernobyl disaster; and the 2008 global financial/credit collapse. Black swans can instead be of a more positive nature, for example, the invention of the internet, or the fall of the Berlin Wall. The black swan term/theory was introduced by Nassim Taleb, a highly regarded Lebanese-American professor, author and theorist, in his best-selling 2001 book Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets, and reinforced by his follow-up 2007 best seller The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. The 'black swan' metaphor alludes to both to the rareness of black swans, and to early beliefs that the creatures did not exist - which relates to general attitudes towards the real nature of 'black swan' events. The word 'black' also suggests negative consequences, which commonly result from black swan events. 'Grey swan' is a related expression, also coined by Nassim Taleb in his books, which refers to a predicted or known event which has uncertain outcomes.


Blamestorming - Portmanteau term contrived from Brainstorming and Blame, referring to meetings or discussions seeking to allocate responsibility for a failure or disaster. Popularised in the late 1990s by viral emails which listed amusing office terminology.


Blank Cheque:It is a cheque on which -the amount of money payable in not mentioned by the drawer. It is kept blank to be filled in by the payee.


Blanket Rate - A rate that is applied broadly over different articles or entities.


Blatherskite - A person who talks at great length without saying anything useful. Originally a Scottish 16thC expression adopted into American slang from the song Maggie Lauder during the US War of Independence.


Blind Test - Research method in which people are asked to try a number of similar products which are not identified by brand name, to decide which product is the best.


Blind Trial - A trial, with two groups of people, to test the effect of a new product, especially in medicine. One group is given the real product while the other group is given a placebo or 'sugar pill', which does not contain any medication.


Bloatware - In computing, software that needs so much computer memory that it takes a long time to load and therefore does not function properly.


Blockade - The act of seizing commercial exchange with a particular country, common during wartime.


Blockade:It is an attempt to cut off all supplies from a town or seaport during a state of war by surrounding the place with troops or ships.


Blocked Funds - Cash flows generated by a foreign project that cannot be immediately repatriated to the parent firm because of capital flow restrictions imposed by the host government.


Blocks / Freins :Sales resistance on the part of the client that encourages them not to follow up with your offer. It is important to identify and destroy these blocks in your communication.


Blue Chip - On the stock market, shares of a large company with a good reputation, whose value and dividends are considered to be safe and reliable.


Blue Law - In the US, a law which regulates and limits activities for religious reasons, such as Sunday working or shopping.


Blue-Sky Law - In the US, a law designed to protect the public from buying fraudulent securities.


Blue-Sky Thinking - Open-minded, original and creative thinking, not restricted by convention.


Bluetooth - Wireless technology which allows data to be transferred over short distances between laptop computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.


Board Member / Administrator: Individual or corporate body, appointed from among the shareholders. As members of the Board of Directors, the task of the board members is to manage the company collectively. They are invested with wide-ranging powers to act on behalf of the company.


Board of directors: Those individuals selected to sit on an authoritative standing committee or governing body, taking responsibility for the management of an organization. Members of the board of directors are officially chosen by the shareholders, but in practice they are usually selected on the basis of the current board's recommendations. The board usually includes major shareholders as well as directors of the company.


Board of Trustees: a committee or governing body that takes responsibility for managing, and holds in trust, funds, assets, or property belonging to others, for example, charitable or pension funds or assets.


Bodhisattva - From Buddhism, a person who seeks enlightenment for the good of, and motivated by a compassion for, other people. In Western thinking we could see this to be similar to Maslow's notion of 'trancendence' in the pursuit of self-actualization, notably helping others to self-actualize. Not an easy concept to explain; in the spectrum of human behaviour it's about as far away that can be imagined from the pursuit of a merchant banker's bonus or the Presidency of Europe, if you'll forgive the clichés.


Bogor Goals - The Bogor Goals were created by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Bogor, Indonesia in 1994, with the intention of increasing economic unity among Asian Pacific nations by increasing trade. The goals are to have free trade and investment in developed nations by 2010 and in developing nations by 2020.


Boilerplate - A section of standard text, especially a contract clause, inserted into legal documents, or instead increasingly referring to a standard section of code inserted into computer programs or other digital applications. The main sense of the 'boilerplate' meaning is that the text/code is already existing and available to use, is quite fixed, needing little or no alteration, and by implication has a proven and trusted validity or suitability, and is therefore an aid to saving effort and cost compared with originating an equivalent clause or section of code from nothing. Usage and origins of the term boilerplate have become varied and confused, which perhaps helped popularize the term itself because this has made its meanings more flexible and widely applicable. The term 'boiler plate' or 'boiler-plate' seems to have two main original meanings: Firstly, plates of pre-cut/pre-formed metal used in constructing industrial boilers, and scondly, a much smaller plate or metal label attached to a boiler to identify the maker and other important details about the boiler. This latter sense is more iconically meaningful because of the visibility and imagery of steam engines and old industrial machinery. There is also a theory (not especially well-proven) that the term was initially applied metaphorically in traditional printing to the occasional use of hard durable steel printing plates for repeatedly used text/graphic sections, to save time and wear compared with the 'hot metal' and related methods of assembling printing plates from individual print blocks made from much softer metal.


Bold-Faced Names - Informal term for celebrities, used mostly in the USA.


Bond - The financial meaning of a bond is normally a debt/investment instrument issued by a company or country for a period of more than a year, with fixed interest rates and a firm and full repayment date. Typically a bond will pay a stipulated rate of interest at fixed times, and the debt is repaid at a specified time, i.e., the investor is guaranteed to be repaid the amount loaned/invested in full. More loosely the word bond can refer to a mortgage in some parts of the world, for example South Africa. A bond may also refer to a legal deed or agreement by which one person or party is bound to make payments to another; or to an insurance contract; or (notably in the US) to a sum of money paid as bail. The specific and more general meanings of bond logically derive from the older and original sense of bond, meaning fasten together, or the tie/festening itself.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Black Economy,Black Knight,Blanket Rate,Blind Test,Blockade ,Blue-Sky Law,Bodhisattva , Bogor Goals,Boilerplate etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Big Bang, Bill of Entry,Bill of Exchange,Billing Hierarchy etc

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