Recovery of Tax under GST

Recovery of Tax, Goods and Service Tax


GST recovery of Tax proceedings are final steps towards the realisation of any tax or amount, which has been confirmed as payable after following the due process of adjudication by the proper officer. Therefore, if the tax dues and other amounts remain unpaid, despite these beneficial provisions, and the tax payer fails to pay the dues after the orders are passed and the statutory limit of 3 months is over, then the proper officer may initiate recovery proceedings.

These recovery provisions under the CGST Act, 2017 lay down a well defined procedure which is as follows:

1. Any amount payable, in pursuance to any order passed in this matter, is required to be paid within 3 months from the date of receipt of order and the tax payer should pay the same within this time limit. However, it may be mentioned that in certain cases, considering the interest of revenue, this period of 3 months may be reduced.

2. If the payable amount is not paid within the specified time limit of 3 months then recovery proceedings shall be initiated and various actions may be taken by the recovery officer, for realisation of Government dues. The options for recovery of Government dues include deduction of money from any amount payable to such tax payer, by detaining and selling any goods, by directing any other person from whom the money is due to such person, attaching any property belonging to the defaulter etc.

3. However, considering various business aspects, the provisions for payment of all such amounts, other than self-assessed tax, in instalments have also been made in the Act. A person can avail this benefit of payment in instalments, by making an application to the Commissioner by specifying reasons for such request. On receipt of application, the Commissioner may allow the payment of amount in instalments, subject to maximum 24 monthly instalments and on payment of applicable interest. Here it may be noted that if there is default in payment of any one instalment then the whole outstanding balance shall become due and payable immediately.


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