Contact Information Form for creation of User id- EDPMS

 The information provided here is part of Import Export online Training


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Contact Information Form* for creation of User id- EDPMS
(Fill in Capital Letters)
Name of the Bank
B. Contact Information DO NOT WRITE HERE
B.1 Name B.2 Designation
B.3.2 City B.3.3 State
B.3.3 Pin code
B.4 Phone No DO NOT WRITE HERE C.4.1 STD Code C.4.2 Number
B.4.1 STD Code
B.4.2 Numbe
r B.6 Email-1 B.7 Email-2
* Don’t keep any column blank. In future, any change should be informed immediately to E-mail (
For RBI use only (Don't write anything below this line)


 The above information is a part of Export Import Training course online


Click below to download this form in pdf format:



s j shetty: how exporter will check or verify, the ad bank are correctly uploaded payment details in EDPMS.

WILANDER RODRIGUES: Dear sir, Please Help me for EDPMS registration User id and Password.

Mohit Asopa: Hello Sir, I want to change my E-mail ID which is associated with my EDPMS. Kindly, Tell me what is procedure for change.

tanvi: an online ocean freight rate providing company. I needed to create an id with EPDMS and was hooing you could help me with the requirements for the same. Also is it free of cost and how much time would it take for the login creation?

ravishankar: I am small exporter, but have an issue with the Bankers not updating the Realisation on EPDMS website My Question is Why is the onus on the exporter to ensure its updated on EPDMS of RBI , Should it not be on the Banks to complete the work once I have submitted the Required Fema Certificates And received E-FIRC from the bank Is there any forum that I Can contact in RBI and inform them about the Bankers not updating the EPDMS RBI ?

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