Optional services of CHA in India



The leading clearing and forwarding agents provide the following optional services:

1. Warehousing facilities abroad

When goods reach the destination point and importer refuses to take delivery of goods, exporter faces an embarrassing situation. At some of the major international markets, the leading clearing agents provide warehousing facilities. This facility gives breathing time to plan alternative course of action to gain, at least minimal profit to the exporter.

2. Bringing back Goods

When original importer refuses to take delivery of goods, it is not easy for exporter to find alternative buyer at that place, immediately. If his efforts fail, there is no option to the exporter other than bringing back the goods to his own place or sending goods to another place where sale can be made, with minimum loss. If the clearing agent can perform that service, exporter can avert a major chaos in the business of exports.

3. Locating Stranded Goods

At times, it so happens that the goods may be misplaced and do not reach the intended destination. When the goods are misplaced or stranded at some port, clearing agents provide necessary assistance in locating them.

4. Assessment of Damage When goods are sent by ship, occasionally, goods may get damaged partly or totally. In such an event, clearing agent coordinates with the ship surveyor for assessment of damage and obtaining surveyor's certificate. They may provide the assistance to file claim with the insurance company.


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