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Simpler Tax system

Simpler tax system means taxes have Minimal compliance costs—in terms of both time and money—and may give boost to taxpayers to use tax provisions aimed at helping people pay for socially desirable activities.

Simpler tax system means system of tax collection which requires compliance of legislation at simpler way.

Simplification could improve the tax code in at least two important ways. First, simplicity would lower taxpayers’ costs of complying with the tax system in terms of time, money, and mental anguish. Second, simpler tax provisions are more likely to be used. Provisions aimed at encouraging specific activities, such as saving for college, would be more effective if people understood how they work.

Making taxes simpler could raise compliance rates by reducing inadvertent nonpayment of taxes. To some (uncertain) extent, people do not pay taxes because they do not understand the tax law. Evidence also suggests that people are more likely to evade taxes they consider unfair. People who cannot understand tax rules may question the fairness of the tax system and feel that others are reaping more benefits than they are.

Now government aiming to made all indirect tax compliance minimal interms of both time and money by way of subsumed all indirect taxes into GST.

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