Make in India, Indian Union Budget 2015-16


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Customs duty tariff rate changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Central Excise Duty changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Service Tax rate tariff Changes under Indian Budget 2017-18

(Updating soon after Budget 2017-18 on 1st February,2017 under text format and pdf format)

Budget changes in customs import duty tariff,excise duty and service tax

Indian Union Budget, changes in import customs tax tariff, chapter wise

Indian Budget  Excise duty tariff changes, chapter wise

Changes in Service Tax as per Budget 


Indian Budget 2015-16, Click here to read Import customs Duty and Excise duty changes.


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Indian Union Budget 2015-16,Make in India - Highlights

Revival of growth and investment and promotion of domestic manufacturing for job


Tax “pass through” to be allowed to both category I and category II alternative

investment funds.10

Rationalisation of capital gains regime for the sponsors exiting at the time of listing of

the units of REITs and InvITs.

Rental income of REITs from their own assets to have pass through facility.

Permanent Establishment (PE) norm to be modified to encourage fund managers to

relocate to India.

General Anti Avoidance Rule (GAAR) to be deferred by two years.

GAAR to apply to investments made on or after 01.04.2017, when implemented.

Additional investment allowance (@ 15%) and additional depreciation (@35%) to

new manufacturing units set up during the period 01-04-2015 to 31-03-2020 in notified

backward areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Rate of Income-tax on royalty and fees for technical services reduced from 25% to

10% to facilitate technology inflow.

Benefit of deduction for employment of new regular workmen to all business entities

and eligibility threshold reduced.

Basic Custom duty on certain inputs, raw materials, inter mediates and components in

22 items, reduced to minimise the impact of duty inversion.

All goods, except populated printed circuit boards for use in manufacture of ITA bound

items, exempted from SAD.

SAD reduced on import of certain inputs and raw materials.

Excise duty on chassis for ambulance reduced from 24% to 12.5%.

Balance of 50% of additional depreciation @ 20% for new plant and machinery

installed and used for less than six months by a manufacturing unit or a unit engaged in

generation and distribution of power is to be allowed immediately in the next year.




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Click here to read  Indian Budget 2015-16, Import Customs Duty Changes, chapter wise     Indian Budget 2015-16, Central Excise Duty Changes, chapter wise  Service Tax Changes as per Indian Union Budget 2015-16

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