Indian Union Budget 2016-17, changes in excise duty for animal origin products as per HS code 005


Customs Duty Changes under new Budget 2019-20, click here

Customs duty tariff rate changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Central Excise Duty changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Service Tax rate tariff Changes under Indian Budget 2017-18

(Updating soon after Budget 2017-18 on 1st February,2017 under text format and pdf format)


Budget 2016-17 changes in customs import duty tariff,excise duty and service tax

Indian Union Budget 2016-2017, changes in import customs tax tariff, chapter wise

Indian Budget 2016-17, Excise duty tariff changes, chapter wise

Changes in Service Tax as per Budget 2016-17

Changes in Service Tax as per Budget 2016-17

No changes in excise duty under this chapter of HS Code 05 as per Indian budget 2016-17. Click here for full notification changes in Import Customs duty and excise duty under India Budget 2016-17  Import customs duty,Excise duty changes Budget 2016.pdf


Import processes for animal origin products (Goods under Chapter 05 of HTS code)

How to export Products of Animal Origin (under chapter 05 of HS Code )

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How to get Export Orders?
How to settle dispute in Exports and Imports?

Bank financial benefits to Exporters

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Import Excise tax for  human hair, unworked and waste of human hairin Indian Budget 2016-17

Rate of Excise duty for import of hogs' hair etc, badger hair etc, waste hairunder Indian Budget

Any changes in import Excise duty for horsehair and horsehair wasteas per recent Indian Budget

Present import Government notification on excise taxes for animal (not fish) guts, bladders, stomachs & partsas per new India Budget

Is import Government notification on excise duty applicable for  bird skins & other feathered parts and downin India Budget

Import Excise tariff on duty charges payable for bones & horn cores, unworked etc, powder & wastein India as per recent Budget

Import Excise tariff on tax to be paid for ivory, tortoise-shell, whalebone, horns etc, unwrkin India  under  new Budget 2016-17

Percentage of import New tariff on excise duty for coral, shell of molluscs etc unworked powder/wastein Indian Budget

Import New tariff on excise tax charges for natural sponges of animal originas per recent India Budget


ALPESH PATEL: please inform the chepter no-84 excise dutiy,

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