How to import to Argentina, step by step process

Complete Procedures to import goods to Argentina


How to import to Argentina, in detail? What are the import procedures in Argentina to move goods?  Explain about import registration process, cargo movement to Argentina from overseas countries, Import delivery process in Argentina etc.


This post explains about step by step procedures that need to be finished with Argentina government authority for importation to Argentina.


Those who wish to import to or export from Argentina must be registered as a taxpayer with the Federal Revenue Service

 Individuals or organizations that wants to import or export merchandise from or into the nation must be enrolled in the Importers and Exporters' Registry before the Customs Service. Those importers or exporters that only wish to make isolated or occasional transactions don’t have to conform to the registration prerequisites, they can just request authorisation from the Customs Service.


Argentina Customs Service

Federal Administration of Public Revenues 

   The State Customs Administration of Argentina is in charge of gathering and protecting customs duties and for controlling the flow of items including animals, transports, belongings and dangerous things all through the nation


The Automatic and Non-Automatic License Requirements?

The Government of Argentina requires the introduction of an import license – automatic or non-programmed – with the end goal of customs clearance. This prerequisite was intended to give Argentine customs authorities a lead-time to distinguish potential issues and to get information about sensitive parts.

While an ensuing resolution is required for a particular tariff line, most items are liable to automatic licensing (Licencia Automática de Importación - LAPI). To get customs clearance, the application form must be enrolled with the Under Secretariat of Foreign Trade Management at the Secretariat of Industry, Commerce, and Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs). When in doubt, endorsement takes 48 hours for both air and oceanic shipments. Be that as it may, for imports of sensitive items subject to checking, the technique may take up to ten days. In the event that the Under Secretariat does not answer inside the predefined ten-day time allotment, the importation is viewed as automatically endorsed. This technique is viewed as a automatic arrangement of authorization, and it follows the WTO. Neither importers nor exporters must pay an expense for this license, which is substantial for 60 days from the endorsement date.

  By contrast, exports from the previously mentioned item classes require a non-automatic license (Licencias de Importación No Automáticas). Non-automatic licenses require more documentation to be submitted to an office inside the Argentine Ministry of Economy and Production (MEP) for audit and endorsement preceding the shipment by the exporter. Once got, this permit is substantial for 60 days.


For the most part in all nations there are three phases of process for import. One time enrolment method to acquire import permit, documentation required for importation and Import customs clearance procedures. Point by point data on these three phases of imports has been specified independently in this site. You may click underneath those data connects to find out about well ordered techniques on the most proficient method to import:


License required for Import

Import documents required

Import Customs Process



This post explains about different phases in import process that every importer needs to go through in Argentina.



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