Difference between GSTR 5 and GSTR 7

Difference between GSTR 5 and GSTR 7GSTR 5 and GSTR 7 - a comparison

What is GSTR 7 and GSTR 5 ? How does GSTR 5 differ from GSTR 7?


GSTR 5 is a Monthly Return for a non-resident taxpayer. But GSTR 7 is the return that has to be filed with the aid of the tax deductor approximately tax deducted at source.

GSTR 5 is filed on 20th of the month succeeding the tax period and within 7 days after expiry of   registration. But GSTR 7 has to be filed on 10th of the next month.

But GSTR 5 is filed by Non-resident Tax Payer. But GSTR 7 is filed by GST Tax Deductor.

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How does GSTR 5 work under GST returns?

GSTR 7 under GST returns filing


This post explains in brief about difference between GSTR 5 and GSTR 7.


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