Basic customs duty on printed books, newspapers, pictures, manuscripts, typescripts and plans to import under budget 2019-20


Budget 2019-2020, basic customs duty on printed books, newspapers, pictures, manuscripts, typescripts and plans .


Basic Customs Tax changes on goods under Chapter 49


Customs Duty changes, Indian Union Budget,2019

Finance Bill 2019, Indian Union Budget 2019-20

Income tax rate slab, Indian Union Budget, 2019

The below information provides the details of changes in basic Customs duty as per Indian Union Budget 2019-20 on printed books, newspapers, pictures, manuscripts, typescripts and plans .

Indian Union Budget, 2019 finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented on 5th July,2019.

Paper and Paper products                                                                        0ld rate of duty   new rate of duty

4901 10 10,     Printed books (including covers for printed books) and printed              Nil              5%

4901 91 00,      manuals, in bound form or in loose-leaf form with binder,   
4901 99 00       executed on paper or any other material including transparencies.


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present the interim Budget for 2019-20 financial year on February 1, 2019.


As per Indian Budget 2019-20, the basic customs duty changes on goods under chapter 49 is shown below.  If no changes on present customs basic duty on products under chapter 49 under Budget 2019-2020 the same is mentioned:


The above information explains about basic customs duty changes on import of goods under chapter 49 under Indian Union Budget 2019-20.


Discuss below your thoughts about customs duty on goods under chapter 49  as per Indian Budget 2019-20


The above post explains about the clarifications below:

Are there any duty changes of customs on Printed books ion single sheet as per Indian Budget 2019-2020? What is the present basic import customs duty on brochures in single sheet under Budget 2019-20 in India?  The rate of import basic customs duty on  Journals and periodicals      under Indian Budget 2019-20 What is the customs duty on news paper of Appearing at least four times a week  as  per budget 2019-20?  Any changes in customs duty on news paper of Journals and periodicals under Indian Budget 2019-2020. Budget 2019-20, what is the basic customs duty on Dictionaries and encyclopedias of printed books Explain the changes in basic custom duty on leaflets of brochures under budget 2019-20.  Brochures of printed books import duty payables under budget 2019-20.   Basic customs duty declared by Indian Budget 2019-20 on import of Basic Customs Duty on serial installments thereof brochures           under Indian Budget 2019-2020.  Customs Duty declared on Dictionaries and encyclopedias of printed books for import under Indian Budget 2019-20.  What is the BCD to be paid to customs on import of verifiable of transfers under Indian Budget 2019-20. Whether import customs duty on printed GREETING decreased or increased under Indian Budget 2019-20.  Highlights of Indian budget on import customs duty on printed wedding cards Present rate of duty payable to customs on import of illustrated postcards of greetings in Budget 2019-20.  Declaration of customs duty on import of   illustrated postcards wedding cards based on Indian budget 2019-20.  Import duty changes on printed Advertising calendar     under Indian Budget 2019-2020.  Rate of import duty payable on printed matter of posters as per Indian Budget 2019-20.  printed matter of  Printed inlay cards  import duty changes under budget 2019-2020.  What is the budget rate of import duty on printed envelopes as per Indian Budget 2019-20. Indian Budget 2019-20, import duty payable on charts of globes Import duty rate changes on Geographical maps under Budget 2019-2020.


Chapter wise details on customs duty changes under Indian Budget 2019-20

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