What is Backhaul?

A backhaul is the return trip of a marine carrier or commercial truck that is transporting cargo, usually opposite from the direction of its primary distribution. This is one such operation which is in practice to utilize the returning trip of a carrier. Freight forwarders and motor carriers depend greatly on one another in case of backhauls. As it takes almost the same time and fuel to drive an empty truck back, take some cargo back to the original source practice becomes economically viable. Transporters commonly approach freight brokers to give them loads back home, backhauls, in an effort to save both time and money. For the transporters, backhauling has also been able to aid them in saving moiety of the expenditure they otherwise bring upon getting their empty carriers back to the origin.  In return, freight forwarders are typically able to negotiate a decreased per mile freight rate which enables brokers to gain a benefit of profit for the service rendered to their client.

Many companies who deliver their own product to customers through private fleets are using backhauls as a way to offset expenses.  

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