The terms used in trade such as Joint venture,Journal,Jurisdiction, Kanban, Keiretsu,Key Account etc


The terms used in business such as Joint venture,Journal,Jurisdiction, Kanban, Keiretsu,Key Account etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Island Position,Jasdaq,Job Sharing,Joint venture,Journal,Jurisdiction,Kanban,Keiretsu,Key Account etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


ISIS :Benchmark payroll and accounts payable software provided to charter schools by DPI to meet UERS requirements.


Island Position - An advertisement or commercial which is surrounded by text, or placed between TV programs, with no other advertisements, so it has no competition.


ISO 9000 - International Organization Standardization (ISO) guidelines for quality in manufacturing and service industries.


The terms used in  business such as Joint venture,Journal,Jurisdiction, Kanban, Keiretsu,Key Account  etcIssue Price - On the Stock Exchange, the price at which a new share, stock, etc., is offered to the public.


Issuing bank / Banque émettrice :This is the bank that has issued the documentary credit. It is under an obligation to pay if the documents submitted are in accordance with documentary credit requirements.


Itinerant Trade:It is a form of a retail organization in which the seller has no fixed shop or locality. He sells his goods to the buyer through ferrying from place to place it is comprises hawkers as well as the street dealers.


ITU / ITU :Intermodal Transport Unit.


IXC - denotes an interexchange carrier.


Jasdaq - Japanese Association of Securities Dealers Automated System. Japanese securities exchange, the headquarters of which are situated in Tokyo.


Jeito - The way of somehow getting things done in Brazil; the jeito can help conquer seemingly insurmountable tasks (Portuguese).


Jettison:It is an act of throwing a part of the goods or anything from the ship with-a view to light Jobber. He is a dealer on the stock exchange. He deals with the other jobbers on the stock exchange and buys and sells securities on his own account.


Job Costing - A system of calculating the cost of each individual job or project carried out by a business, includes time, labour, materials, etc.


Job Lock - A situation in which a person feels they cannot leave their job because they are afraid of losing benefits connected to the job.


Job Protected Leave - Allows people to officially take time off from their work for a longer period without the fear of losing their job, often because of illness or pregnancy.


Job Sharing - A work schedule in which two or more people voluntary do one full-time job, sharing the work and dividing the hours between them.


JOB SHARING:Arrangement in which the responsibilities and hours of one job position are carried out by two people.


joint account: an account, for example, one held at a bank or by a broker, that two or more people own in common and have access to.


Joint and several liability - where parties act together in a contract as partners they are all responsible together, but each partner is also liable individually for the entire contract. So a creditor could recover a whole debt from any one of them individually, leaving that person to recover their shares from the rest of the partners.


Joint Consultation - An organisational decision-making


joint ownership: ownership by more than one party, each with equal rights in the item owned. Joint ownership is often applied to property or other assets.


Joint Stock Company - A company or organisation owned by joint shareholders, which is a type of corporation and partnership. The stockholders run the company and share its profits and debts.


Joint venture - an agreement between two or more independent businesses in a business enterprise, in which they will share the costs, management, profits or benefits arising from the venture. The exact shares and responsibilities will be set out in a Joint Venture Agreement.


Journal:A journal literally means daily record of news, events, activities, etc. In commerce it refers to a book in which any of the records of business are first writes it is a daily register in which transactions are first analyzed into debits and credits. Transactions are recorded here in the chronological order. In another sense, a journal is a scholarly publication published periodicity by a professional association.


J-shaped recession - This shape unusually and optimistically refers to a recession which recovers into a boom or period of high growth, i.e., the level of GDP immediately beyond recovery continues to increase strongly and substantially above pre-recesssion levels for a period exceeding the duration of the recession. This sort of recessionary recovery might be fuelled by technology innovation, or discovery and exploitation of new natural resources, etc.


Judgment-debtor:A person who has been ordered by the court to repay his debt is known as judgment-debtor.


Junk Bond - Also known as High Yield Bonds. A high risk bond with a high interest rate, often used by companies to raise finances in order to take over other companies.


Jurisdiction - a jurisdiction clause sets out the country or state whose laws will govern the contract and where any legal action must take place. England and Wales have different legal codes to Scotland so this needs to be specified.


Jurquer:A jurquer is a customs official who is entrusted with the duty of examining cargoes or incoming vessels to find out if goods are smuggled or not.


Just-In-Time - JIT. A manufacturing system in which materials and components are delivered immediately before they are required, in order to increase efficiency, reduce waste and minimise storage costs.


Kaizen - Japanese for 'improvement'. When implemented in the workplace, Kaizen activities help to improve the running of a business.


Kanban - Japanese for 'visible record'. In industry, a manufacturing system which is regulated by the use of cards or boards which contain specifications and instructions for the production process of goods.


Kanban System - An inventory control system for tracking the flow of in-process materials through the various operations of a just-in-time production process. Kanban means “card” or “ticket” in Japanese.


Keiretsu - Collaborative groups of vertically and horizontally integrated firms with extensive share cross-holdings and with a major Japanese bank or corporation at the center.


Keiretsu - In Japan, an alliance of companies or organisations which own shares in one another as a means of security, but each individual company operates independently.


Kerb Market - In the US, the buying and selling of shares in companies which are not listed on the stock exchange. In the UK, the buying and selling of stocks and shares outside official trading hours.


Kettling - Term which is used to describe the police tactic of penning protesters into an area by forming a barrier around them and refusing to let them out.


Key Account - In business, a company's main client or customer, who represents a large percentage of the company's income.


Keying of Advertisement:It refers to adoption of such a method while advertising that the results there of may be easily assessed.


keystone: Setting a retail price at twice the wholesale price.


Keyword Advertising - Used on the Internet. When a user types in a particular 'keyword', an advertisement which is linked to a business relevant to that word, is displayed alongside the search engine results.


Kickback - A bribe or illegal payment made to someone in exchange for a successful referral for a job or transaction.


Kidult - An adult who enjoys films, games, TV, clothes, etc., which are deemed more suitable for children or much younger people.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Island Position,Jasdaq,Job Sharing,Joint venture,Journal,Jurisdiction,Kanban,Keiretsu,Key Account etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post. Terms used in trade such as International Toll Free Service,Intervention Price, Intrinsic Value , Inventory, Investment Agreement etc.

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