Terms used in trade such as Market Basket ,Market Control,Market Economy, Market forecast,Market positioning etc


The terms used in business such as Market Basket ,Market Control,Market Economy, Market forecast,Market positioning etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Manager,Mandatory criteria,Margin,Mark down,Market Basket ,Market Control,Market Economy,Market forecast,Market positioning etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


management: the use of professional skills for identifying and achieving organizational objectives through the deployment of appropriate resources. The art of conducting and supervising a business.


Manager - A person who is in charge of a project, department, group, team, etc.


Mandate - Technically a legal or official document giving an order or instruction. More loosely it refers to a permission or approval. In politics or democratic situations such as trade unions it refers to an authorisation for leadership to act based on election or vote. Derived from Latin mandatum meaning 'something commanded', from manus (hand) and dare (give). Mandate is also a verb, meaning to empower someone to take action.


Mandatory Convertible Bond - Bonds that must be redeemed in shares by the company which issues them, usually by a specified date.

The terms used in  business such as Market Basket ,Market Control,Market Economy, Market forecast,Market positioning etc

Mandatory criteria:The measures used to assess responses to an approach to market, which are considered essential and that you must, at a minimum, meet. Failure to either provide a response to mandatory criterion, or possess the necessary requirements to meet a mandatory criterion, means that your offer may be non-conforming and you may not be considered.


Manifest / Manifeste :Marine (or air) transport document which lists all the goods loaded at a port (or airport) to be sent to another port (or airport).A list of all the cargo or passengers carried by a ship or aircraft.


Manifest:It is a document containing a statement of the marks, numbers, etc. of the various packages comprised in the cargo of a ship, the number of the crew,-the name and destination of the ship. The document is to be signed by the master of the ship and shown to the customs authority before sailing.


Maquiladoras - Duty-free assembly plants located mainly in the developing world. Maquiladoras are one type of foreign direct investment.


Margin - the difference between the selling price of a good or service and the profit. Margin is generally worked out as a gross margin percentage which shows the proportion of profit for each sales dollar. See also Mark up.


Margin - The difference in the price of producing a product and the price it sells for, calculated as a percentage, i.e., profit margin.


Margin Account - An account held by an investor with a broker in which the broker lends the investor money to purchase shares, etc., which are then used as collateral against the loan.


Margin Call - A demand by a broker for an investor to bring his margin account up to the minimum level required by depositing additional money, shares, securities, etc.


margin of error: The an allowance made for the possibility of miscalculation.


margin: The difference between the cost and the selling price of a product or service.


MARGINAL COST:Additional cost associated with producing one more unit of output.


Marginal Productivity - The additional output of a product, etc., which is produced as a result of adding one unit of a resource, for example labour input, in the production process.


Marine Insurance:Marine insurance is a contract of indemnity whereby the insurer or the underwriter agrees to indemnify the assured against marine losses in consideration of a mony payment called premium.


Maritime container / Conteneur maritime :Container conforming to the standards set by the International Standards Organisation for use in cellular marine transport.


Maritime Satellite Organization (MARISAT) - See INMARSAT


Mark down - a discount applied to a product during a promotion/sale for the purposes of attracting sales or for shifting surplus/discontinued products. See also Discount.


Mark up - the amount added to the cost price of goods, to help determine a selling price. Essentially it is the difference between the cost of the good/service and the selling price, but it does not take into account what proportion of the amount is profit. See also Margin.


Market - The commercial activity of buying and selling goods and services. The customers who buy goods and services.


Market Access - The extent to which a domestic industry can penetrate a related market in a foreign country. Access can be limited by tariffs or other non-trade barriers.


market analysis: the study of a market to identify and quantify business opportunities.


Market Basket - A way of measuring the cost of living. A collection of products or services which consumers buy on a regular basis, and the prices which are paid for them.


Market basket or Consumer Price Index / Panier moyen :Average cost of products bought by one consumer during a given period (year, quarter, etc.)


Market Clearing Price - The price of a product or service at which the level of demand equals the level of supply.


Market Control - A situation in which the quantity and/or price of goods or services is influenced by buyers or sellers.


market demand: Total volume purchased in a specific geographic area by a specific customer group in a specified time period under a specified marketing program.


market development: marketing activities designed to increase the overall size of a market through education and awareness.


Market Economy - A situation in which businesses operate in a free market, i.e., they are in competition with each other and are not under government control.


Market Economy - An economy in which resource allocations, prices and other marketing decisions are primarily determined by the free market.


Market Failure - A failure of arms-length markets to efficiently complete the production of a good or service. In the eclectic paradigm, the multinational corporation’s market internalization advantages take advantage of market failure.


Market Forces - Influences, such as the availability of raw materials for the production of goods, or customer numbers, which affect supply, demand and prices of products and services.


Market forecast: An anticipated demand that results from a planned marketing expenditure.


Market Internalization Advantages - Advantages that allow the multinational corporation to internalize or exploit the failure of an arms-length market to efficiently accomplish a task.


Market Leader - A company or brand which has the highest sales of a particular product. A best-selling product.


Market Maker - A financial institution that quotes bid (buy) and offer (sell) prices.


Market niche: A well-defined group of customers for which what you have to offer is particularly suitable.


Market Orientation - A business strategy whereby a company focuses on meeting the customers needs and wants regarding products and services.


Market Penetration Price - A low price at which a new product is offered when it first comes onto the market, in order to attract customers, after which the price is usually increased.


Market positioning: Finding a market niche that emphasizes the strengths of a product or service in relation to the weaknesses of the competition.


Market Price:It refers to the value of a thing prevailing in the market during a short period when there is possibility of adjusting the supply of a commodity to the influences of demand.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Manager, Mandatory criteria, Margin,Mark down,Market Basket ,Market Control,Market Economy,Market forecast,Market positioning etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Magnetic Media,Mail order,Mainstream,Managed Economy, Managed Hosting etc

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