Terms used in business such as Paternity Leave,Pathos,Pawnbroker,payment gateway,Payout Ratio,Pecuniary etc


The terms used in business such as Paternity Leave,Pathos,Pawnbroker,payment gateway,Payout Ratio,Pecuniary etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Partner Program ,Party Plan, Partnership,Paternity Leave,Pathos,Pawnbroker,payment gateway,Payout Ratio,Pecuniary etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Participating Performance Share - A type of share/stock which gives a company's shareholder the right to receive dividends and also extra payments relating to the company's profits.


Particular average / Avaries particulières :Damage of this kind, in the sphere of transport, concerns the goods themselves. It may be in the form of losses, missing items, damage suffered during transport or during handling prior to or after carriage of goods.


Partner Program - Under a sales agency agreement, Sprint Partners may sell certain business services contained herein. Sprint Partners who use Sprint services may include their own usage in their Commission Revenue. Unless otherwise specifically prohibited, Sprint's Partners will receive commission on such revenues. Such benefit will cease upon termination of the agency relationship.


Partnership - Form of business organization in which two or more co-owners form a business. In a general partnership each partner is liable for the debts of the partnership. Limited partnership permits some partners to have limited liability.


The terms used in  business such as Paternity Leave,Pathos,Pawnbroker,payment gateway,Payout Ratio,Pecuniary  etcPart-payment / Règlement partiel :A payment of part of a larger sum to be paid later.


Part-Time Worker - Someone who works less hours than a full time employee on a permanent basis for a company, usually for a set number of hours a week.


Party Plan - Also called Party Selling. A method of marketing in which agents host parties, usually at someone's home, to demonstrate and sell products to invited potential customers.


Pascal - A computer language which is used to write programs, also used in teaching programming.


PASS:This is the Procurement Automated Source System managed by the Small Business Administration. Registering with this central referral system of small businesses interested in selling to the government can bring you business with almost no effort. Registration is free. Call 1 800 231 7277.


Passing Trade - Describes customers who go into a shop, public house, etc., because they notice it as they are passing by.


Passive Income - In the U.S. tax code, income (such as investment income) that does not come from active participation in a business.


passive investment management: the managing of a mutual fund or other investment portfolio by relying on automatic adjustments such as indexation instead of making personal judgments.


Patent - An official document which grants an inventor or manufacturer sole rights to an invention or product.


Patent Pending - A phrase sometimes printed on goods to show that a patent has been applied for but not yet granted.


patent: a type of copyright granted as a fixed-term monopoly to an inventor by the state to prevent others copying an invention, or improvement of a product or process.


Paternity Leave - The right of employees, male or female, to take time off from their job following the birth of their partner's baby. Entitlement to Paternity Leave depends on how long they have been with their employer.


Paternity Pay - An employee benefit paid to partners of pregnant women so they can take time off from their job after the birth of the baby to give support to the mother. Entitlement to Paternity Pay depends on how long the partner has been with their employer.


Pathos - The emotional effect (of communicator and message) on the listener/reader/audience.


Patron - A person who purchases goods or services, often on a regular basis, from a shop or company. A benefactor or sponsor who supports and/or gives money to an individual or an organisation, such as a charity.


Pawnbroker - A money lender who lends cash at a high rate of interest in exchange for the borrowers personal possessions, such as jewellery, as security, which is returned when the loan is fully paid. If the loan is not repaid the Pawnbroker sells the item.


Pay Pal : a Web based service that enables Internet users to send and receive payments electronically. To open a Pay Pal account, users register and provide their credit card details. When they decide to make a transaction via Pay Pal, their card is charged for the transfer.


Payable To Bearer - A cheque, security, etc., which can be exchanged for money by the person in possession.


payable: Ready to be paid. One of the standard accounts kept by a book­keeper is accounts payable.This is a list of those bills that are current and due to be paid.


Pay-As-You-Go - Refers to a method of paying for a service as you use it, such as mobile phone credit. Also can be used to pay debts as they are incurred.


PAYE - Pay As You Earn. In the UK, a system of paying income tax, which is deducted from an employees salary by an employer and paid to the government.


Paying Agent - An agent, usually a bank, that makes dividend payments to shareholders on behalf of the issuing company.


Payment By Results - A system of paying employees according to the amount of work they do. Therefore, the bigger the volume of work output, the bigger the salary.


payment gateway: a company or organization that provides an interface between merchant's point-of-sale system, acquirer payment systems, and issuer payment systems.


Payment Guarantee / Garanties de paiement internationales :A guarantee is a commitment given by a bank to pay a sum of money in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the operation guarantee text.

payment-in-kind: an alternative form of pay given to employees in place of monetary reward but considered to be of equivalent value. A payment in kind take the form of a car, purchase of goods at cost price, or other nonfinancial exchange that benefits an employee.


Payout Ratio - Also known as Dividend Payout Ratio. The percentage of a company's net earnings paid to shareholders in dividends.


Payroll / Payroll :The list of the people employed by the company, and the amount to be paid.


PCT / PCT :Patent Co-operation Treaty.


PDA - Personal Digital Assistant. A small hand-held electronic device that is used for storing information and can serve as a telephone, diary, alarm clock, fax, etc.


Pecking Order - The hierarchy in businesses, organisations, etc, i.e., the order of people at different ranks.


Pecuniary - Relating to, or involving money.


Peer Group - A social group of equals, for example, in age, social class, education, etc. A group of products or businesses which are similar.


Peer-To-Peer - Also abbreviated to P2P, this describes computer systems which act as servers and are connected to each other via the internet, allowing people to share share files, so there is no need for a central computer, or traditional authority/body/agent. The concept now extends more widely to business models in various areas. See P2P acronym.


Pegged Exchange Rate System - The International Monetary Fund’s name for a fixed exchange rate system.


Pen Portrait - A description of a person, a 'character sketch in words', now commonly a person-profile used for audience targeting purposes (marketing, recruitment, etc), although the expression dates back to the 1800s, originally referring to a description of a person, so as to produce a picture in the mind. 'Pen Picture' was an early alternative term.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Partner Program , Party Plan, Partnership,Paternity Leave,Pathos,Pawnbroker,payment gateway,Payout Ratio,Pecuniary etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Own Brand,Owner’s Equity , Ownership-specific Advantages,Paid-Up Share,Palm Top etc

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