Terms used in business such as Channel Of Distribution,Chart of accounts,Charter Party,Chattel Mortgage,Circular Cheque etc


Terms used in business such as Channel Of Distribution,Chart of accounts,Charter Party,Chattel Mortgage,Circular Cheque etc.




This post explains about terms used in business such as Certificate of Origin,Chamber Of Commerce,Channel Of Distribution,Chart of accounts,Charter Party,Chattel Mortgage,Circular Cheque,Clapper Boy,Class Action etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business



Certificate of Origin: A statement signed by the exporter or the exporter’s agent and attested to by a local Chamber of Commerce, indicating that the goods being shipped, or a major percentage of them were produced in the exporter’s country. The Certificate of Origin may be asked for by the customs authorities of the country of import, because it proves the country of manufacture for particular goods.


Certificate of Product Origin - A document required by certain foreign countries for tariff purpose, certifying the country of origin of specified goods.


Certificate: A document representing partial ownership of a company that states the number of shares that the document is worth and the names of the company and the owner of the shares.


CERTIFIED LENDERS:Banks that participate in the SBA's guaranteed loan program.


Terms used in  business such as Channel Of Distribution,Chart of accounts,Charter Party,Chattel Mortgage,Circular Cheque etcCertified Public Accountant: An accountant to whom a state has given a certificate showing that he has met prescribed requirements designed to insure competence on the part of the public practitioner in accounting and that he is permitted to use the designation Certified Public Accountant, commonly abbreviated as CPA.


CET (Common External Tariff) / TEC :The Common External Tariff is a full tariff applicable to imported goods.


Chain Of Command - A system in a business, or in the military, in which authority is wielded and delegated from top management down through every level of employee. In a chain of command instructions flow downwards and accountability flows upwards.


Chain store / Magasin d'une chaîne :One of a number of similar shops belonging to the same company.


Chamber Of Commerce - A group of business owners in a town or city who form a network to promote local business.


Chamber of Commerce: A chamber of commerce is a voluntary non trading association of people engaged in practical commerce and industry of the country. Its purpose is to promote trade and industry of the country as well as to look after and protect the interests of its members. It performs several functions such as collecting information, issuing trade reports, acting as an arbitrator to settle disputes between businessmen and providing expert knowledge to the government.


Chamber of Commerce: An organization of business people designed to advance the interests of its members. There are three levels: national, state and local.


Channel Of Distribution - Also known as Distribution Channel. A means of distributing a product from the manufacturer to the customer/end user via warehouses, wholesalers, retailers, etc.


Channel or Circuit - A path for electrical transmission between two or more points having a bandwidth and termination of the customer's own choosing.


Chart of accounts - an index of the accounts a business will use to classify transactions. Each account represents a type of transaction such as Asset, Liability, Owner's equity, Income, and Expense.


Charter for Local Content:The Charter for Local Content aims to provide all businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to tender for Queensland Government procurements.Closing date (also known as the deadline for submissions).The time and date by which your submissions must be submitted and received. Offers submitted after the deadline may be considered as non-conforming and may not be considered.


Charter Party: A charter party is a document of contract between a ship owner and a shipper. By this contract the ship-owner agrees to furnish the entire ship or any portion thereof at the disposal of the shipper in return for a sum of money called freight, paid or to be paid by the shipper.


Chartering / Affrètement :In Maritime law, it is a contract by which a ship owner undertakes, in return for a fee, to make a ship available to a charterer for transportation of goods or persons.


Chattel Mortgage - is similar to a hire-purchase agreement although the business owns the asset from the start. Chattel mortgages require regular ongoing payments and typically provide the option of reducing the payments through the use of a final 'balloon' payment.


Check The Gate - A term used in the film industry after a shot is taken on a film set. The gate, or opening in front of the camera, is checked to make sure that there is no dirt, hair, etc., present.


Cheque: A cheque is an order by a depositor of money drawn on a specified bank to pay a sum of money out of his account. It is payable either to the drawer himself or the a third person or the bearer of the instrument.


Cheshire Label / Étiquette Cheshire :Refers to a brand of addressograph machine – producing address labels glued to mailing supports - envelopes, letters, reply slips, etc. The general preference now for direct printing of personalized addresses on the support, without labels.


Chief Executive Officer: the highest ranking executive officer within a company or corporation, who has responsibility for over-all management of its day-to-day affairs under the supervision of the board of directors. Abbr. CEO


Chief Executive: the person with overall responsibility for ensuring that the daily operations of an organization run efficiently and for carrying out strategic plans. The chief executive of an organization normally sits on the board of directors. In a limited company, the chief executive is usually known as a managing director.


Chief financial officer: the officer of the organization responsible for handling finds, signing checks, the keeping of financial records, and financial planning of the company.


Choice: A decision to purchase that is based on an evaluation of alternatives.


CIA :Cash in advance


CIC - An IXC Carrier Identification Code.


CIM / CIM (Convention Internationale pour le transport des Marchandises par chemin de fer) :International Convention for the transportation of Goods by railway.


Circular Cheque: A cheque issued by a bank to its agents or branch abroad is called a circular cheque. Anybody willing to visit the county of issuing bank may buy this cheque. The agent of branch writes the amount on the cheque when it is sold.


CIS (Confederation of Independent States) / CEI (Confédération des Etats Indépendants) :The Confederation of Independent States brings together Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kirghiz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, the Ukraine and Uzbekistan.


Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) - Non-governmental and non-profit groups that work to improve society and the human condition.


Claim / Créance :Right of a person (the creditor) to claim something from someone (debtor), usually an amount of money.


Claim-generating event / Fait générateur de sinistre :Situation or event mentioned in the policy which, by causing the non-payment of the debt or cancellation of the contract, can bring the guarantee into play.


Clapper Boy - On a film or TV set, the person who holds the clapperboard (which has information on it, for example film title, shot number, etc) in front of the camera for about one second at the start of each shot after the camera starts rolling.


Class A Spot - In the media, commercials which are run on a prime time network.


Class Action - A lawsuit in which one person makes a claim and sues on behalf of a large group of people who have similar legal claims, usually against a company or organisation.


Clean Bill of Lading - A receipt for goods issued by a carrier that indicates that the goods were received in apparently good order and without damage.


Clear Channel Capability - Allows customers to utilize 64 Kbps per DS-0 channel by allowing DS-0 or DS-1 transmission independent of the number of consecutive zeros or pulse density.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Certificate of Origin,Chamber Of Commerce,Channel Of Distribution,Chart of accounts,Charter Party,Chattel Mortgage,Circular Cheque,Clapper Boy,Class Action etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Certificate of Cattle Call,Acceptance,Certificate of incorporation etc

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