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Levy of IGST

Levy and Collection of Tax Under IGST, Levy under Integrated GST. Levy of tax Under IGST, Collection of Tax Under IGST, Chapter III of the Model IGST Act provides for levy and collection of tax (IGST) vide section 4. Section 4 is the charging section for levy of IGST corresponding to section 6 of CST Act, 1956 dealing with liability to tax on inter-state sales. Now Scroll down below n check more details for “Levy and Collection of Tax Under IGST (Integrated GST)”

Inter-State Goods and Service Tax (IGST)

IGST would be levied on all supplies of goods and /or services in the course of inter-state trade or commerce. IGST would be applicable to import of goods or services from outside country as well, which is indicated in the Constitutional Amendment Act, 2016.

The balance of credit under VAT as well as Cenvat Credit can be carried forward from the earlier regime. Further the duty and tax paid on closing stock would be available as credit where duty paying documents available, for hitherto exempted products / services which may not have been claimed as set-off. Lower deemed credit is available for those who do not have duty paying documents.

Levy and Collection

Subject to the provisions of sub-section (2), there shall be levied a tax called the integrated goods and services tax on all inter-State supplies of goods or services or both; except on the supply of alcoholic liquor for human consumption, on the value determined under section 15 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act and at such rates, not exceeding forty per cent., as may be notified by the Government on the recommendations of the Council and collected in such manner as may be prescribed and shall be paid by the taxable person:

Provided that the integrated tax on goods imported into India shall be levied and collected in accordance with the provisions of section 3 of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 on the value as determined under the said Act at the point when duties of customs are levied on the said goods under section 12 of the Customs Act, 1962.

The integrated tax on the supply of petroleum crude, high speed diesel, motor spirit (commonly known as petrol), natural gas and aviation turbine fuel shall be levied with effect from such date as may be notified by the Government on the recommendations of the Council.

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