Reduced Basic customs duty on import under Chapter 20

Indian Budget 2018-19, changes in import basic duty under chapter 20


Customs Duty Changes under new Budget 2019-20, click here


According to Indian Budget 2018-19,


BCD on orange fruit juice falling under tariff items 2009 11 00, 2009 12 00 or 2009 19 00 is being increased from 30% to 35%. S. No. 101 of notification No.50/2017-Customs, dated 30th June, 2017, is being omitted by notification No. 6/2018-Customs, dated 2nd February, 2018. Consequently, orange fruit juice will attract tariff rate of 35%.

BCD on all goods falling under tariff items 2009 21 00 to 2009 90 00 is being increased from 30% to 50% by increasing the tariff rate. [Clause 101 (a) of the Finance Bill, 2018 refers].

Further, S. No. 100 of notification No.50/2017-Customs, dated 30th June, 2017, is being amended by notification No. 6/2018-Customs, dated 2″d February, 2018 to exclude the cranberry juice from the ambit of this entry. Consequently, Cranberry juice falling under tariff heading 2009 81 00 or 2009 90 00 will also attract 50% BCD at tariff rate.


The above product changes in import basic customs tax fall under Chapter 20 of HS code.


The BCD rate tariff changes under this HS chapter may or may not change either before or at the time of next Indian Budget 2019-20.  



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