Procedures to get Consular Invoice for Export Import

How to obtain Consular Invoice for Export Import?


Procedures to get Consular Invoice for Export ImportWhat is consular invoice in Import and Export? How to obtain Consular Invoice for Export? Why is Consular invoice required for import and export?

Some of the importing countries insist that the invoice is to be signed by the importin county's consular located in the exporter's country. Such invoices are known as consular invoice. The exporter has to pay a certain fee to obtain the certificate/invoice. Such charges/ fees vary from country to country. The main purpose to obtain consular invoice is to secure authentication of information contained in the invoice. Once the invoice is signed by the consular of the country, the importer gets comfort and confidence in respect of accuracy of information in respect of quality, source of goods, volume and grade.

Normally, on arrival of the importing goods, it is necessary to convince the customs authorities country that the goods stated in the invoice and the actually imported goods are one and the same. If the customs authorities get suspicious or not convinced, they open the packages of the imported goods. if this happens, considerable delay takes place. The importer is put to hardship by delayed receipt of goods. To avoid all these problems, importer insists on the exporter to obtain the consular invoice from the consulate stationed in the exporter's country. The consulate invoice is, generally, prepared in three copies. One copy is retained consulate office, the second copy is sent to the customs of the importing country and the third copy is given to the exporter to forward the same along with other documents through the banker for collection negotiation.

This information also facilitates in assessing import duties and also would be useful for statistical purposes.

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