Income Tax Slab 2018-19, FY (Assessment year 2019-20), Dividend

Income Tax Slab 2018-19, FY (Assessment year 2019-20), Dividend


As per Indian Budget 2018-2019:

Income Tax rate slab of 2018-2019 (Assessment year 2019-20) for Dividend

The following details explain about Income Tax payable for Dividend.  The rate of Income Tax payable for Dividend.


Income Tax Slabs on Dividend for the financial year 2019-19 (AY 2019-2020)

Depending on the source of the dividend earned, the dividend income received by an individual is taxed.

Dividend Source

Tax Rate for Individuals/HUFs

Income tax Section

If the average dividend income earned over the year does not exceed Rs.10 lakh


Section 10(34)

If the average dividend income received during the year exceeds Rs.10 lakh


Section 115BBDA


The above details are about Income Tax Slab for Financial year 2018-2019 for Dividend.   The assessment year for the said Income Tax Slab is 2019-20 


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