Import tariff changes for carnet articles and other base metals under HS code 81 as per new Indian budget

Customs duty tariff rate changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Central Excise Duty changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Service Tax rate tariff Changes under Indian Budget 2017-18

(Updating soon after Budget 2017-18 on 1st February,2017 under text format and pdf format)

Budget 2016-17 changes in customs import duty tariff,excise duty and service tax

Indian Union Budget 2016-2017, changes in import customs tax tariff, chapter wise

Indian Budget 2016-17, Excise duty tariff changes, chapter wise

Changes in Service Tax as per Budget 2016-17

As per Indian Budget 2016-17 no changes in customs duty applicable to HS chapter 81   Click here for full notification changes in Import Customs duty and excise duty under India Budget 2016-17  Import customs duty,Excise duty changes Budget 2016.pdf


Procedures to export Cermet articles and other Base metals (under chapter 81 of HS Code )

 Rules and regulations to import Metals, cermets, articles etc. (as per goods under Chapter 81 of HTS code)

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Import tax for  tungsten in Indian Budget 2016-17

Rate of duty for import of molybdenum & articles under Indian Budget

Any changes in import duty for tantalum & articles as per recent Indian Budget

Present import taxes for magnesium & articles as per new India Budget

Is import duty applicable for  cobalt mattes in India Budget

Import duty charges payable for cadmium in India as per recent Budget

Import tax to be paid for titanium in India  under  new Budget 2016-17

Percentage of import duty for cermets and articles in Indian Budget

Import tax charges for beryllium as per recent India Budget

Import duty charges for manganese and articles under Budget 2016-17


Budget changes in excise duty for man made staple fibers as per HS code 55

Indian Union Budget changes in excise duty for twine, cordage, wadding, special yarn, rope & cables as per HS code 56

Budget changes in excise duty for carpets and other textile floor coverings as per HS code 57

 Indian Union Budget changes in excise duty for tufted textile fabric, lace, tapestries, embroidery as per HS code 58

Latest budget changes in excise charges for coated, covered or laminated textile fabric as per HS code 59

 Indian Union Budget 2016-17, changes in excise duty for knitted fabrics or crocheted fabric

Changes in excise duty as per Indian Budget 2016-17 for apparel and clothing accessories, knitted, crocheted as per HS code 61

Budget changes in excise duty for apparel and clothing accessories not knitted or crocheted

Indian Budget 2016-17 Tax proposals for Pensioners 

Domestic incentives in addition to Make In India campaign, Indian Budget 2016-17 

Nil duty for Braille paper as per Budget 2016-17 

Reduces rate of refrigerated containers, Indian Budget 2016-17 

Exemption of ST for General Insurance services, Indian Budget 2016-17 

Service Tax changes for DUGKY as per Indian Budget 2016-17 

Income tax benefits to securitization trusts including trusts of ARCs as per Budget 2016-17 

Indian Budget 2016-17, benefits to researchers for patent 

Indian Budget 2016-17, benefits to start up companies 

Income tax exemptions for small and medium enterprises MSME 

To Boost use of refrigerated containers, FM proposed to reduce the basic custom,Indian budget 2016 - 17 

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