Import documents required in Canada

Documentation in Canada for import of goods


What is the certification process to import to Canada? What are the documentation procedures as an importer in Canada?  Types of documents required in Canada to import goods?


Information provided here describes about documents required by each import in Canada which need to be submitted with customs officials for the clearance process.


In Most cases, the document requirement is depends on the country of origin or destination. The documents may have to be prepared in a particular way to comply with the requirements of the import or export country. The documents are made on the basis of trade agreements prevail between countries, trade policy, nature of the goods etc. Understanding the right export documents is essential for smooth import and export procedures.


Certificates and license required for importation of goods and services is uniformed by all WTO countries in almost all areas. The documentation procedure to import goods to a country is almost same in all countries worldwide.   Detailed information on documentation for import to a country is explained in detail as separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Import documents required



This post explains about various documents at different levels that required by every importer need to be submitted with the Canada Customs Authority in order to obtain clearance of the consignment and subsequently move it out of the port of Canada Customs.



The following details also clarify:


Which documents should I provide at Vancouver customs port location for import.  Documents need to move cargo out of customs at Toronto (Mississauga) port customs location.  Import documentation in  British Columbia Ontario port customs.  What are the documents required to import in VANCOUVER,.  What are the import document processes need to carried out with Quebec TORONTO customs.  Required documents to import in Montreal   port.  Customs documentation requirements to import at HALIFAX port.  Documents required to submit with  Winnipeg customs for importation.   Documentation procedures for import at Whitehorse customs.  What are the documents need to be submitted to import at Victoria port customs. 


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CGST Act section 147 Deemed Exports

CGST Act Section 148 Special procedure for certain processes

CGST Act section 149 Goods and services tax compliance rating

CGST Act Section 150 Obligation to furnish information return

CGST Act section 151 Power to collect statistics

CGST Act Section 152 Bar on disclosure of information

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