IGST exemption on imports by Indian Vice president


Import duty and IGST exemption on import of materials by Indian Vice president

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Customs notification 106/58-Customs, dated 29.03.1958


IGST exemption also extended to customs notification 106/58-Customs, dated 29.03.1958 on import of specified goods described.


According to Customs notification number 106/58 dated 29.03.1958 provides exemption to goods imported by the Vice President of India on appointment or during his tenure of office.

a)            Articles for personal use;            

b)            Food, drink, tobacco for consumption of Vice- President’s household     

c)            articles for furnishing   

d)            motor cars for Vice-President’s use


So, IGST exemption also is permitted as per Custom Notification 106/58 dated 29.03.1958 as per GST council meet on June 3, 2017.


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