HSN code for spacecraft and parts, aircraft and parts

HSN code CHAPTER – 88


Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof


The information provided below about HSN codes are used for GST purpose to classify goods. You may reconfirm with GST authorities whether your product HSN code is classified correctly below. The HSN codes under 02 digits, 04 digits, 06 digits and 08 digits explains and classifies broadly for each section of goods.


HSN Code Description of goods


HSN code 8801   Balloons and dirigibles; gliders, hand gliders and other

non-powered aircraft

8801 00        Balloons and dirigibles; gliders, hang gliders and           
    ---    other non-powered aircraft:           
8801 00 10        Gliders and hang gliders           
8801 00 20    ---    Balloons           
8801 00 90    ---    Other



HSN code 8802 Other aircraft (for example, helicopters, aeroplanes);

spacecraft (including satellites) and suborbital and

spacecraft launch vehicles

-    Helicopters :           
8802 11 00    --    Of an unladen weight not exceeding 2,000 kg.           
8802 12 00    --    Of an unladen weight exceeding 2,000 kg.           
8802 20 00    -    Aeroplanes and other aircraft, of an unladen           
        weight not exceeding 2,000 kg.           
8802 30 00    -    Aeroplanes and other aircraft, of an unladen           
        weight exceeding 2,000 kg. but not exceeding           
        15,000 kg.           
8802 40 00    -    Aeroplanes and other aircraft, of an unladen           
        weight exceeding 15,000 kg.           
8802 60 00    -    Spacecraft (including satellites) and suborbital           
        and spacecraft launch vehicles



HSN code 8803 Parts of goods of heading 8801 or 8802

8803 10 00    -  Propellers and rotors and parts thereof           
8803 20 00    -  Under-carriages and parts thereof           
8803 30 00    -    Other parts of aeroplanes or helicopters           
8803 90 00    -    Other



HSN code 8804    Parachutes (including dirigible parachutes and

paragliders) and rotochutes; parts thereof and accessories


8804 00    -  Parachutes (including dirigible parachutes           
    and paragliders) and rotochutes; parts thereof           
    and accessories thereto :           
8804 00 10    ---  Parachutes (including dirigible parachutes and           
    paragliders) and parts and accessories thereof           
8804 00 20    ---  Rotochutes; parts and accessories thereof



HSN code 8805   Aircraft launching gear; deck-arrestor or similar gear;

ground flying trainers; parts of the foregoing articles.

8805 10    -    Aircraft launching gear and parts thereof;           
        deck arrestor or similar gear and parts thereof           
8805 10 10    ---    Aircraft launching gear           
8805 10 20    ---    Deck arrestor or similar gear           
8805 10 30    ---    Part of aircraft launching gear and deck-           
        arrestor or similar gear           
    -    Ground flying trainers and parts thereof :           
8805 21 00    --    Air combat simulators and parts thereof           
8805 29 00    --    Other



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