Documents required to export from Thailand

Documentation in Thailand for Export


How many documents required in Thailand to export goods? What is the certification process to export to Thailand? What are the documentation procedures as an exporter in Thailand? Details of export documentation process in Thailand.


Information provided here describes about different documents required for export from Thailand.


The exporter should make sure that they made all of the accurate export documents that are required to get the goods delivered through the port, cleared customs, satisfy all compliance and regulations, then loaded on board the determined carrier. The efficiency of the Customs Clearance process is depend on having the valid documents, the accuracy of the information provided in the documents as well as the promptness in submitting the documents and filing the necessary applications for the Customs Clearance.


The documentation procedure to export goods in a country is almost same in all countries worldwide.  Certificates and license required for exportation of goods and services is uniformed by all WTO countries in almost all areas.  Detailed information on documentation for export in a country is explained in detail as separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Documents required for exports


This post explains about various documents that  every exporter need to be submitted with the Thailand Customs Authority.



The following details also clarify:

Required documents to export in Phuket Province port.  Customs documentation requirements to export at Udon Thani port.  Documents required to be submitted with  Udon Thani customs for exportation.   Documentation procedures for export at Phuket Province customs.  What are the documents need to be submitted to export at Hat Yai port customs. Which documents should I provide at Krabi customs port location for export.  Documents need to export cargo  from  Rayong and Pattayaport customs location.  Export documentation in aBangkok port customs.  What are the documents required to export in LAEM CHABANG.  What are the export document processes need to carried out with SONGKHLA customs.


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