Difference between GSTR3A and GSTR 6A

Difference between GSTR3A and GSTR 6A


Difference between GSTR3A and GSTR 6AWhat is GSTR 6Aand GSTR 3A? How does GSTR 3A differ from GSTR 6A?


GSTR-3A is not a government form, but rather a notice produced by the duty expert. It's issued to a citizen who has neglected to document their GST returns on schedule for a specific duty period. GSTR 6A is auto drafted rules GSTR 6A.  GSTR 6A is arranged to use for Auto drafted rules


GSTR3A is an every registered taxable person is required to furnish details of Inward Supply for a tax period. This return has to be filed by the recipient of (goods/services) supplies within 15 days from the end of the relevant tax period. GSTR 6A has to be filed on 13th of the next month



GST 3A filed by registered person. GSTR-6A has to file Input Service Distributor

Details about GSTR 6A and GSTR 3A mentioned in this web blog. You may click below links for details about GSTR3A and GSTR 6A:


Contents of GSTR 3A under GST returns filing

GSTR 6A Auto drafted rules under GST returns


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