Customs term Container Yard(CY)

What do you mean by customs term Container Yard(CY)


The term Container Yard(CY) means the location designated by the Carrier in the port terminal area for receiving, assembling, holding, storing and delivering containers, and where containers may be picked up by shippers or re-delivered by consignees. Container Yard also called Marshalling yard.

Container Yard shipment term the port at which the containers are getting delivered to, as well as the end destination of the containers, so that it is clear to the shipper, exporter and customer where responsibility lies when transporting containers. If it is a landlocked Container Yard at Origin, then it also used for transfers of containers to sea ports CY. A Destination Sea Port CY may also use(if necessary) for containers transfer to landlocked CYs, which are closer to places of cargo off-loads and empty containers return to the carrier.

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