When is Proforma Invoice generated?


Contents of Proforma Invoice

When is Proforma Invoice generatedThis post explains about proforma invoice and its contents.

Proforma invoice is the starting point document of an export contract. As and when the exporter receives the trade inquiry from the importer, exporter submits the Proforma invoice to the importer. The Proforma invoice contains details such as name and address of the exporter, name and address of the intending importer, nature of goods, mode of transportation, unit price in terms of internationally accepted quotation, name of the country of origin of goods, name of the country of final destination, period required for executing contract after receipt of confirmed order and finally signature of the exporter.

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ahmad: I had a question which is if Customs is refusing to clear shipments in courier mode on basis of a proforma invoice then is there any Customs Notification or Circular or Public Notice where we can defend our stand.

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